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Extending Silverlight 3 DataGrid for some LOB requirements


In my use of the Silverlight 3 DataGrid I have found several missing "features" that I continue to write code to compensate for. Well I finally took some time and incorporated a few of those missing features into the Silverlight 3 DataGrid codebase. Use and Enjoy


  •    DotNet

Touch utility to update datetimes of folders and files even if readonly.

read-only-stream - wrap a readable/writable stream to be read-only

  •    Javascript

Suppose you have a module that uses a readable/writable stream internally but want to expose just the readable part of that internal stream. This is common if you use the writable side internally and expose the readable side as the interface.Return a readable stream ro that wraps the readable/writable stream argument given to only expose the readable side.

readonly.js - Make form controls - even <select> - read-only.

  •    Javascript

Make form controls - even <select> - read-only. Readonly.js is a lightweight wrapper to fix the inconsistency of the readonly attribute in form controls. According to current specifications the attribute will be ignored in certain input types, and is completely void in <select> elements. This little helper aims to fix that. If you're curious to know more read the Web Standards section.