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awesome-appsec - A curated list of resources for learning about application security

  •    PHP

A curated list of resources for learning about application security. Contains books, websites, blog posts, and self-assessment quizzes. Maintained by Paragon Initiative Enterprises with contributions from the application security and developer communities. We also have other community projects which might be useful for tomorrow's application security experts.

gopher-reading-list - A curated selection of blog posts on Go


Here is a reading list of blog posts about Go. It aspires to include only the most useful and relevant material that anyone writing Go should eventually read. By definition, the list is a work in progress. Rather than being comprehensive, the list is a curated selection fixed at 200 entries.

awesome-newsletters - The best (weekly) newsletters


The best (weekly) newsletters, sorted by topic and date of first issue (oldest first). To the extent possible under law, Lars Kappert has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

aksh - My personal bibliography of STEM resources and grey literature.


My personal reference bibliography of STEM resources, books, technical notes, (un)conference/ workshop jottings, scientific research papers and grey literature, and random errata that makes an interesting read. Since this is a personal dumpspace for bookmarks, expect a perpetual state of randomly ordered chaos.

ptolemy - My reading list


My reading list. Mostly papers and books, in no particular order. I am forgetful, so I need this. This reading history starts on the brink of 2017, so any interesting things I have encountered before that point in my life will not be included. Read my retrospective on reading in 2017. Some of the papers and books do not have links included, because they might be protected by paywalls or other DRM, because it seems we have to pay for progress. You might find these papers online anyway, SciHub is a great resource; it might be illegal in your country to use this site, though.

Awesome-Game-Networking - Curated list of resources about game networking


Curated list of resources about gameplay network programming techniques and achitectures. Game networking is a subset of network engineering that covers multiplayer online game networking. Entity interpolation, input prediction, lag compensation and client-server model topics are main pillars of gameplay network development. This list contains handfully picked resources ranging between high-level network architectures and low-level data replication optimizations.

go-safari - Access Safari bookmarks, reading list, history and tabs (macOS)

  •    Go

Read-only access to Safari bookmarks, Reading List and history, plus live interaction with windows and tabs. macOS only (tested on Sierra and High Sierra).

org-books - Reading list management with org mode

  •    Emacs

Reading list management using org-mode. A sample list lives on my wiki here. With the details function defined, write something to make a user facing interface which, after getting the details, calls org-book-add-book function. For an example, see the function org-books-add-url.

reading-material - List of some useful blogs, books, courses, papers etc. :books:


A collection of resources that I found interesting and useful across various domains. You might see some emojis (✨, 🚧 etc) crawling all over this collection.

digest - ☕️ Blogs and reads for devs to start their mornings.


A curated list of blogs, websites, and all kinds of reads about software development. You can load this list into your RSS reader, such as Feedly, by importing this .opml file into your reader.

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