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blockstack-browser - The Blockstack Browser

  •    Javascript

The Blockstack Browser allows you to explore the Blockstack internet.Blockstack Browser requires a local instance of Blockstack Core to run. To get started, first install Blockstack Core and then proceed with the installation of Blockstack Browser.

neo - DEPRECATED: See https://neutrino.js.org for alternative

  •    Javascript

Create and build React web applications with zero initial configuration and minimal fuss

webcatalog-app - Official WebCatalog app.

  •    Javascript

WebCatalog - Turn Websites into Desktop Apps. master branch only includes the source code of WebCatalog 13 and above. For older versions, check out the legacy- branches.

reshadow - Markup and styles that feel right

  •    Javascript

Please check the reshadow.dev website to get more information and examples. reshadow provides the Shadow DOM developer experience, but for the Virtual DOM with the Component way.

addons-frontend - Front-end to complement mozilla/addons-server

  •    Javascript

Universal front-end projects to complement addons-server.

dashboard - Web dashboard for interacting with FaunaDB

  •    Javascript

This dashboard should eventually provide access to the entire Fauna API as accesible to cloud users and developers at on-premise sites, but at first it will be narrowly focussed on a few screens and use cases. It will have a companion UI that is accesible to our cloud ops team, and to on-premise customer ops teams. Both will be shipped as part of the Fauna JAR. The Dev dashboard is where you land when you first join cloud. Sign up for FaunaDB in the cloud to try this dashboard directly.

missioncontrol - Real-time monitoring of Firefox release health

  •    Python

Mission Control is a monitoring service for Firefox release health, it allows you to view in (near) real time the rate of crashes and other quantitative measures of quality. It uses the dataset generated by the telemetry-streaming library.The server-side backend is written in Python using Django. The UI is written in React, Redux and metricsgraphics.

purescript-react-spaces - Combinator library for generating React markup.

  •    PureScript

It it is heavily inspired by purescript-smolder. Checkout examples for a echoApp component.


  •    Javascript

The goal of this project is to provide a GUI for GDB in the browser so that other developers can use it to easily and intuitively debug projects running in a cloud environment. This will pull the image from Docker Hub, launch it in the new container, run WebSocket server that passes process streams to the client-side and build the example application. Open http://localhost:8080/index.html and play along. If you want to change the example that is being debugged, change the let example = '<example>' line in the client.jsx, save it and webpack will do all the rest.

react-schema-viewer - React Schema Viewer takes a schema ('json' | 'joi') as input and uses it to generate comprehensible views

  •    Javascript

React Schema Viewer takes a schema as input and uses it to generate comprehensible views. It has full support for Joi and JSON schema (version 3 and 4).

styled-is - A flag utility for styled-components

  •    Javascript

Flag utility for styled-components. is, isNot, isOr, isSomeNot are used for boolean props and can check one or more props at a time is(prop1, prop2, ...).

chromeless - Official Chromeless app

  •    Javascript

Chromeless - Turn Any Websites into Chromium-based Apps. On the other hand, the source code is freely available for use, modification and distribution under the permissions, limitations and conditions listed in the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

translatium-desktop - Official Translatium app for desktop.

  •    Javascript

Translatium - Translate Any Languages like a Pro. master branch only includes the source code of Translatium 9 & up. For older versions, check out the legacy- branches.

reselector - Use React Components in css selectors

  •    Javascript

You can use it as a babel-plugin or as the runtime function, or both. Use select function to build any css selector by React Components.

webviz-subsurface-components - Custom subsurface visualizations for use in Webviz and/or Dash.

  •    Javascript

webviz_subsurface_components is a Dash/React component library for use in webviz, which have in common that they are geared towards subsurface dashboards. There storybook is available at https://equinor.github.io/webviz-subsurface-components/storybook-static. And the demo of old components is available at https://equinor.github.io/webviz-subsurface-components. This project was originally generated by the dash-component-boilerplate. (with some modifications).

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