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react - Modern and minimalist React UI library.

  •    TypeScript

Modern and minimalist React UI library, originating from Vercel's design. run yarn add @geist-ui/react or npm i @geist-ui/react install it.

Reach UI - The Accessible Foundation for React Apps and Design Systems

  •    Typescript

Reach UI seeks to become the accessible foundation of your React-based design system. Each component is tested with Safari + VoiceOver, Firefox + NVDA, and Edge + JAWS. Its components include Accordion, Alert, AlertDialog, Checkbox, ComboBox, Dialog, Menu, Slider, Nav, Tooltip, Tabs etc.

react-ui - Standard model of UI development

  •    Javascript

As you can see, the stateless component is wrapped by a function. It is used for passing styles in more complex use cases (explained later in the docs). UI components can be grouped in layers, where a given layer has access to the components of parent layers. This exact property helps to achieve the proper UI composition.

react-yui - 一个简易的React组件库,包含日期、日历、关联选择、树形列表、下拉选框、多级联动、提示等等。

  •    Javascript



  •    Javascript

Faster React Tabs is a flexible and context-agnostic React component used to render accessible and simple tabs. You can play with the only demo. Making accessible tabs is not an easy task. Fortunately, this React component is built with all the good practices about tabs in mind. On top of that, it provides a non-JavaScript fallback for users with JS disabled or server-side rendering.

react-ui-validations - Репозиторий переехал в skbkontur/retail-ui

  •    Javascript

Набор компонентов, реализующих поведение валидаций по контур-гайдам.

retail-ui - React controls to implement standards at https://guides.kontur.ru/

  •    TypeScript

React controls to implement standards at https://guides.kontur.ru/