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drei - 🌭 useful helpers for react-three-fiber

  •    Javascript

A growing collection of useful helpers and abstractions for react-three-fiber. The native route of the library does not export Html or Loader. The default export of the library is web which does export Html and Loader.

react-three-flex - 💪📦 Flexbox for react-three-fiber

  •    TypeScript

Placing content in THREE.js is hard. @react-three/flex brings the webs flexbox spec to react-three-fiber. It is based on Yoga, Facebook's open source layout engine for react-native. These demos are real, you can click them! They contain the full code, too.

use-cannon - 👋💣 physics based hooks for react-three-fiber

  •    TypeScript

Experimental React hooks for cannon-es. Use this in combination with react-three-fiber. Let's make a cube falling onto a plane. You can play with a sandbox here.

react-xr - 🤳 VR/AR with react-three-fiber

  •    Javascript

These demos are real, you can click them! They contain the full code, too. To get started with default controller models add DefaultXRControllers component. It will fetch appropriate input profile models. You can learn more here.

react-three-a11y - ♿️ Accessibility tools for React Three Fiber

  •    TypeScript

👩‍🦯 Provide accessibility support to R3F such as focus indication, keyboard tab index, and screen reader support

react-three-next - React Three Fiber, Nextjs, Tailwind starter

  •    Javascript

First Load JS of 74Kb. This starter will automatically pick the marked R3F components and inject them into a canvas layout so we can navigate seamlessly between the pages with some dynamic dom and canvas content without reloading or creating a new canvas every time. Inform the nextjs page that the component is a Threejs component. For that, simply add the r3f property to the parent component.

cannon-es-debugger - Wireframe debugger for use with cannon-es https://github

  •    TypeScript

This is a debugger for use with cannon-es. It was adapted from the original cannon.js debugger written by Stefan Hedman @schteppe. Note: This debugger is implemented within use-cannon directly.

component-material - 🧩 Compose modular materials in React

  •    TypeScript

Material is a React utility that helps you compose and modify materials in react-three-fiber and threejs. By default Material extends three's MeshPhysicalMaterial. If you want to extend a different material just use the from prop passing the desired material constructor.

react-three-lightmap - In-browser lightmap/AO baker for react-three-fiber and ThreeJS

  •    TypeScript

In-browser lightmap and ambient occlusion (AO map) baker for react-three-fiber and ThreeJS. Live editable sandbox.

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