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generact - Generate React components by replicating your own

  •    Javascript

Tool for generating React components by replicating your own. It's intended to work no matter how your file structure is.  Are you looking for a VS Code extension? Try vscode-generact.

redux-cli - An opinionated CLI for building redux/react apps quicker

  •    Javascript

There is an init subcommand for you to specify all paths to where components live in your project. The init command just creates a .blueprintrc in your project root. If you want to you can just create the .blueprintrc manually. Note on configuration: This project tries to walk on a fine line between convention and configuration. Since the majority of React applications will separate their smart/dumb components if you pass in those paths you'll get those generators for free. However, some of the other generators might not write files to the exact paths that you use for your project. It's easy to override the CLI generators with your own so that the generators will write files to the correct location. See: creating custom blueprints.

create-react-pwa - https://github

  •    HTML

https://github.com/facebookincubator/create-react-app + Progressive Web App goodness

react-redux-game-starter - Starter kit for a game based on React&Redux

  •    Javascript

You are gonna to build a new super-rock-star game. How can you start? Right, use the starter kit. There are many boring things you have to boilerplate instead of building real game features and fun. Games have a lot of in common, starting from player flow to gameplay and logic. This starter kit allows you to have a good start point with half of work done already.