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rogue.js - Rogue.js - the "nearly invisible" server-rendering framework for React applications

  •    Javascript

Rogue streamlines the process of creating server-rendered React applications. We call Rogue a nearly invisible framework, because it doesn't require a special /pages directory (like Nextjs) or a separate routes.js file (like Afterjs); all you need, is the App.js entry point you'd usually have. This means that you can wrap your app in layouts/transitions/providers, etc. the same way you would in a regular React Application, and staying true to React's values, you can organize your code however you like.

react-dashboard - React Dashboard - isomorphic web dashboard template (React

  •    Javascript

built with React, Bootstrap, React Router (with Server Side Rendering!), Redux and GraphQL based on React Starter Kit and latest industry best practices.Demo. Use following credentials: user/password.

manager - The Linode Manager (Early Access)

  •    TypeScript

This is the new Linode Manager. It provides a web interface for managing your Linode account. Currently this software is early-access and is available at cloud.linode.com. Read the contributing guidelines to get started.

serverless-stack-demo-client - Source for the demo app client in Serverless-Stack.com

  •    Javascript

Serverless Stack is a free comprehensive guide to creating full-stack serverless applications. We create a note taking app from scratch. This repo is for the frontend React app that we build over the course of the tutorial. You can find the repo for the backend serverless API here. And the repo for the tutorial here.

isomorphic-relay-app - Example isomorphic React-Relay-(Modern / Classic)-Router app and helper lib that connects to Artsy's GraphQL service, http://metaphysics-staging

  •    Javascript

Example app showing how to isomorphically render a Relay Modern or Classic app. Connects to Artsy's GraphQL server. For more detailed instructions, see the Relay Modern or Relay Classic folders.

switch-css-transition-group - Combination of ReactCSSTransitionGroup and Switch for transitioning between routes

  •    Javascript

Combination of ReactCSSTransitionGroup and Switch for triggering transitions between routes. There is no key param because it is changing automatically based on matching routes.

squid-tracks - An Unofficial Desktop Client for Splatnet2

  •    Javascript

An unoffical desktop program for viewing splatnet 2 statistics and uploading them to stat.ink. Splatnet 2 only records the most recent 50 games and this tool is for uploading the game data to stat.ink for longer term access. There is also some data that splatnet 2 does not display. This program gives access to that data too. If you're interested in contributing feel free to contact me or create a pull request. Check issues to see if there's anything you would be interested in working on. Help with translations is especially welcome. See here for information about development.

the-road-to-react-with-firebase - The Road to React with Firebase: Your journey to master Firebase in React


The official repository for The Road to React with Firebase. If you want to leave a review, you can do it on Goodreads. You can help to improve the book by opening Issues and Pull Requests (PR).

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