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todo-react-redux - Todo app with Create-React-App • React-Redux • Firebase • OAuth

  •    Javascript

A simple Todo app example with undelete capability — built with Create React App, React Redux, and Firebase. Try the demo at https://todo-react-redux.firebaseapp.com.

react-router-redux-params - Adds react-router params to redux in addition to location

  •    Javascript

Provides extra methods for react-router-redux which store react-router route params in addition to history location object.You won't need this if you're only accessing route params inside your components, react-router already provides params as a prop. This is meant for usage outside component tree, for example with refire.

react-ssr-spa - Server side rendered single page app using reactjs official libraries.

  •    Javascript

react-ssr-spa is a react app that is server side rendered and is a single page app. Should you use this as a starting point for your application? A good way to know is if you answered yes to any of the following questions.

slack-patron - Log and view all Slack messages.

  •    Javascript

Log and view all Slack messages. This app needs access token from Slack.

tkframework - react + relay + redux + saga + graphql + webpack

  •    Objective-C

In development mode, the code is automatically transpiled by Babel and hot-loaded to the browser by react-hot-loader plugin utilizing Webpack's HMR feature. With HMR, the changes made to the source files are reflected automatically on the browser without page reload. Page reload resets application state whereas hot reload preserves the state and only updates the changed part of the application. For further information on HMR, see Webpack’s HMR & React-Hot-Loader — The Missing Manual. Both server, web, mobile source code are written in Babel, and sharing some common frameworks.