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react-navigation - Routing and navigation for your React Native apps

  •    Javascript

React Navigation is born from the React Native community's need for an extensible yet easy-to-use navigation solution based on Javascript. You can also try out the Navigation Playground app to get a sense for some of the tools built in to React Navigation. The "Fundamentals" in the documentation also include examples you can play with.

react-native-dva-starter - a React Native starter powered by dva and react-navigation

  •    Javascript

Great thanks to @xuan45 for his cli tool dva-native-cli, check that project for more information. The builtin router of dva (not react-router v4), doesn't support React Native, we have to integrate other router components, such as Navigator, ExperimentalNavigation, react-native-router-flux and react-navigation. Since the former two will be depreciated in flavor of react-navigation, which is also be recommended by official, so I choose it to be the navigator.

duckduckgo - DuckDuckGo App built in React-Native (Unofficial)

  •    Javascript

Note: This is not the official DuckDuckGo App but a Fan-made. I made it only for Learning purpose. Please do the following to run.

react-native-template-rocketseat-advanced - Template avançada para aplicações React Native com a estrutura utilizada na Rocketseat 🚀

  •    Javascript

Este projeto visa a criação de um template que possa ser utilizado no momento de criação de projetos utilizando React Native, visto que o processo de instalação e configuração das libs no início de um projeto podem gerar certa complexidade e muitas vezes até erros que atrasam o processo, atrapalhando assim o fluxo de desenvolvimento. Para conseguir utilizar o template, seja através do React Native CLI ou com uma cópia local dos arquivos, siga os passos abaixo.

react-native-navigation-mobx-demo - React native Navigation with MobX demo. Blog post write up ->

  •    Javascript

This project was bootstrapped with Create React Native App. Below you'll find information about performing common tasks. The most recent version of this guide is available here.

react-navigation-backhandler - Easily handle Android back button behavior with React-Navigation.

  •    Javascript

Easily handle Android back button behavior with React-Navigation. The following snippet demonstrates the usage. Note that onBackButtonPressAndroid will only be called if SomeComponent is placed in a screen that is focused (the one user is directly interacting with). Behind the scenes, the onBackButtonPressAndroid handler is registered after entering a screen, and unregistered before going away from it, leaving you with a declarative interface to interact with.

react-navigation-header-buttons - Easily render header buttons for react-navigation.

  •    Javascript

This package will help you render buttons in the navigation bar and handle the styling so you don't have to. It tries to mimic the appearance of native navbar buttons and attempts to offer simple and flexible interface for you to interact with. Typed with Flow and ships with TS typings. Contains many examples and is available via expo. Sources are in the example folder.

react-navigation-props-mapper - Maps react-navigation props to your screen components directly

  •    Javascript

This works well but if you don't want your code to be tightly coupled to react-navigation (maybe because you're migrating from another navigation lib) or if you simply want to work with navigation params the same way as with any other props (and have them typed), this package will help. Use this function to be able to access the props passed to your screen directly. Eg. instead of this.props.navigation.state.params.user.userName you'd write this.props.user.userName. The function wraps the provided component in a HOC and passes everything from props.navigation.state.params as well as props.screenProps to the wrapped component.

shimo-navigation - 石墨 react-native app 导航系统

  •    Javascript

石墨文档 React Native App 导航系统(based on react-navigation)

fluid-transitions - Playing with fluid transitions for React Navigation.

  •    Javascript

Playing with fluid transitions for React Navigation.

re-navigate - Example of React Native Navigation with re-frame/re-natal

  •    Clojure

This example uses React Native's new Navigation component React Navigation that eventually will replace the current React Native navigation solutions (or so they say). The one thing that does not work is to read the state of the tabs in re-frame. If you do that the tab switching will flicker. So currently it is a hack that saves the state to the re-frame db but uses the Navigators own state management to actually update the state.