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react-native-redux-router - React Native Router using Redux architecture

  •    Javascript

I've decided to stop supporting this component in favor to new release react-native-router-flux (https://github.com/aksonov/react-native-router-flux). The new version doesn't depend from concrete Flux/Redux implementation and allow you to build nested navigators easily. Also it allows to intercept route 'actions' from your store(s).

ReactNativeDeepLinkingExample - Example of deep linking implementation using React Native Router Flux

  •    Javascript

Example application which shows how to implement deep links with React Native Router Flux. It was developed as an example application for my article Deep Linking with React Native.

react-native-mobx - Make your app reactive with MobX and react-native-router-flux

  •    Objective-C

Thin wrapper around Mobx allows to use all power of reactive programming but leave your React Native Components 'framework free' i.e doesn't depend from MobX, Redux, etc. This component is just thin wrapper around RNRF, so check its docs, install it and then install this module and import it instead of RNRF.

react-native-meteor-router-flux - Plugin for react-native-meteor

  •    Javascript

Plugin for react-native-meteor. Custom scene renderer which allows to select tab scene to show depending from app state. It could be useful for authentication, restricted scenes, etc.

react-navigation-magic-move - Bindings for using react-navigation with react-native-magic-move 🐰🎩✨

  •    Javascript

react-native-magic-move triggers its animations whenever it detects that a new MagicMove view has been mounted. However, navigation libraries such as react-navigation keep components mounted for better performance and faster switching. This means that actions such as back navigation, tab switching or modal popups don't trigger an animation or don't trigger it consistently. This binding solves that problem by installing a hook that forwards the navigator scene information to react-native-magic-move. Magic-move will now animate your components when transitioning from one scene to another. If you want to opt-out of transitions, then use the disabled prop to turn off transitions towards that scene or component.