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react-native-air-progress-bar - React Native progress-bar, give your progress-bar some brand style

  •    Objective-C

Pretty customizable and animated progress-bar component for React Native.We often need to customize our mobile application according to our brand style needs. The easiest solution is to grab some UI kit, make some fast customizations, add custom styling etc. But some components is hard for customizing. I mean progress-bars, you know. So this is react-native progress-bar component, which could be useful when you need to customize default progress-bar with different icons of current progress.

crossbones - Fullstackian award, 1707-FSA-NY

  •    Javascript

all just rattling around in here ready to go. I am built on top of Create React Native App; please scroll down for instructions on how to install or eject. We recommend that you clone, not fork, this repo – unless your intention is to develop CrossBones proper instead of using CrossBones as the starting point for your own application.

bolt-starter - UNMAINTAINED - ⚡ Rapid starter for your next React Native project ⚡

  •    Javascript

There are many great starter projects for React Native. This one is used in production at Full Facing and comes with a logical setup to let you hit the ground running. It includes a basic todo application example. If everything goes off smoothly you should be able to run the project.