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native-starter-kit - React Native Starter App with NativeBase + CodePush + Redux

  •    Javascript

Note: Shifted to React Navigation from React Native Router Flux in the master branch. React Navigation has become standard for navigation solution in React Native. We are just keeping up with the current trend. No need of reinventing the wheel. To have immediately something to continue building on, it would be best to start from some starter kit for getting React Native - based applications off the ground in a hurry.

react-native-auth-boilerplate - A react native boilerplate with authentication already implemented

  •    Javascript

This is a React Native boilerplate with auth already implemented. It uses Nativebase for the UI and Hasura APIs for the backend. This has been created as an open-source boilerplate by the Hasura team. There are instructions below in case you wish to use this boilerplate without the Hasura APIs.

react-native-boilerplate - A React Native project template for building solid applications through separation of concerns between the UI, state management and business logic

  •    Javascript

This project is a React Native boilerplate that can be used to kickstart a mobile application. The boilerplate provides an architecture optimized for building solid cross-platform mobile applications through separation of concerns between the UI and business logic. It is extremely documented so that each piece of code that lands in your application can be understood and used.