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react-swipeable - React swipe event handler hook

  •    TypeScript

Use the hook and set your swipe(d) handlers. Spread handlers onto the element you wish to track swipes on.

react-useportal - 🌀 React hook for Portals

  •    TypeScript

Need to make dropdowns, lightboxes/modals/dialogs, global message notifications, or tooltips in React? React Portals provide a first-class way to render children into a DOM node that exists outside the DOM hierarchy of the parent component (react docs). This hook is also isomorphic, meaning it works with SSR (server side rendering).

dooboo-native-ts - Complete boilerplate for react-native app

  •    TypeScript

DO NOT MODIFY OR CHANGE THE CODE BEFORE CONFIRMED BY DOOBOOLAB. THIS REPOSITORY IS USED IN DOOBOO-CLI. This runs the start script specified in our package.json, and will spawn off a server which reloads the page as we save our files. Typically the server runs at http://localhost:8080, but should be automatically opened for you.

dooboo-ui-native - React Native UI Components with react-hook

  •    TypeScript

React Native widgets made by dooboolab. We currently love react-hooks and willing to share our react-native widgets built in Functional Component using hooks. Your react-native version should support react-hooks which will be >=0.59.

use-dimensions - A React hook for the React Native Dimensions API.

  •    TypeScript

A React hook for the React Native Dimensions API. To get both screen and window dimensions, use the default export.

use-timer - A timer hook for React

  •    TypeScript

Simple timer turned into React Hooks. Read about Hooks feature. Try demo here: https://stackblitz.com/edit/use-timer.

react-optimistic-ui-hook - ⚛️ Minimal "optimistic UI" pattern implementation with a React Hook

  •    TypeScript

Minimal zero dependency "optimistic UI" pattern implementation in a React Hook. Note that you can search for "optimistic UI" and read more about this pattern and how it works. It simply lets your app looks faster by expecting a successful call to something like an API before getting the real response and update the interface based on that expectation.

paper-kit-react - React version of Paper Kit 2 by Creative Tim

  •    SCSS

Paper Kit React is a free Bootstrap 4, React, React Hooks and Reactstrap UI Kit with pale colors, beautiful typography and thoughtful drawings. We've created it having paper and drawings in mind. Any elements that is vital to code a web project is already here, fully coded. All components are fully responsive and look great on every screen size. Transitions, shadows, colors, they all resemble the flow you would have using pieces of paper.

use-async-function - A React hook for integrating asynchronous function state into React function component state

  •    TypeScript

useAsyncFunction is a React hook that integrates an asynchronous function's state with a React function component's state. This automates the process of re-rendering the React function component as the asynchronous function's state changes between pending, resolved, and rejected. The first parameter of the useAsyncFunction hook is the asynchronous function itself.

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