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react-hn - React-powered Hacker News client

A React & react-router-powered implementation of Hacker News using its Firebase API.

coreui-free-react-admin-template - CoreUI React is free React admin template based on Bootstrap 4

Curious why I decided to create CoreUI? Please read this article: Jack of all trades, master of none. Why Bootstrap Admin Templates suck. CoreUI is an Open Source Bootstrap Admin Template. But CoreUI is not just another Admin Template. It goes way beyond hitherto admin templates thanks to transparent code and file structure. And if that's not enough, let’s just add that CoreUI consists bunch of unique features and over 1000 high quality icons.

isomorphic-lab - Isomorphic React experimentation

This repo is being used to experiment with writing isomorphic JavaScript apps with React 0.13.X, React Router 1.0.0-betaX and express. It uses newforms for form display and validation on both ends - this could be done manually with any component which can populate its form fields and display error messages based on its props and state, though.

lifequote - React port of a life insurance quick quoting application

A port of an existing Flash-based life insurance quick quoting application to a single-page JavaScript app, built with (and to learn) React.

react-lessons - Tool for creating and taking interactive React tutorials

React Lessons is a tool for creating - and taking - interactive React tutorials, inspired by the Ractive.js Tutorial. A tutorial consists of a number of lessons. Each lesson can include one or more steps (numbered across the top-right of the page).

reactodo - Multiple localStorage TODO lists, built with React

Designed and styled after quick, disposable TODO tracking of the type commonly done in a programmer's text editor, but with a few interactive niceties to manage items instead of cut + paste.

IMA.js-core - The core library of the IMA.js application stack

This is the ima library of the IMA.js application stack, which is most likely not what you are looking for. You can find the IMA.js skeleton application at https://github.com/seznam/IMA.js-skeleton.