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ant-motion - :bicyclist: Animate specification and components of Ant Design

  •    Javascript

Animation specification and components of Ant Design. Ant Motion is a motion design specification from Ant Design, and also provide a complete solution with lots of out-of-box animations for your React applications.

react-router-animation-examples - An example using React Router and React's Animations

  •    Javascript

This project is just an example using React Router and React's Animations in a mobile context. So reduce your screen size. In this example I only use react-router but in my opinion we can't only use the router to navigate from one screen to the other. Because obviously the route will change and you'll lose the previous displayed screen. This is not always the wanted effect in a mobile application. Maybe we could combine the router with the pushing and popping techniques like React Native's Navigation or native mobile apps.

react-styling-demo - Demos for react-animate, react-css and other React styling demos.

  •    Javascript

For a while now, I've been a React enthusiast. However, almost every React code I had a chance to read was either very small examples from the contributors repos or contrived cases or butchery to forcefeed React into AngularJS apps. Most of the real-life examples of React usage I've seen resolve to using getDOMNode() to interoperate with JS DOM libs, such as jQuery, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of using React in the first place: working only on a virtual DOM, never touch the real DOM, and let the framework optimize the actual DOM mutations.