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RealReachability - We need to observe the REAL reachability of network

  •    Objective-C

As we know, we already have reachability framework for us to choose. Such as the famous repository Reachability. The called "reachability" we already know can only tell us the local connection status.These tools currently we know are all supported by the SCNetworkReachability API.

Connectivity - 🌐 Makes Internet connectivity detection more robust by detecting Wi-Fi networks without Internet access

  •    Swift

Connectivity is a wrapper for Apple's Reachability providing a reliable measure of whether Internet connectivity is available where Reachability alone can only indicate whether an interface is available that might allow a connection. Connectivity's objective is to solve the captive portal problem whereby an iOS device is connected to a WiFi network lacking Internet connectivity. Such situations are commonplace and may occur for example when connecting to a public WiFi network which requires the user to register before use. Connectivity can detect such situations enabling you to react accordingly.

is-online - Check if the internet connection is up

  •    Javascript

Works in Node.js and the browser (with browserify/webpack).In the browser you have navigator.onLine, but it's useless as it only tells you if there's a local connection, and not whether the internet is accessible.

Reach - A simple class to check for internet connection availability in Swift.

  •    Swift

A simple class to check for internet connection availability in Swift. Works for both 3G and WiFi connections.

is-reachable - Check if servers are reachable

  •    Javascript

Works in Node.js and the browser (with browserify).The Node.js version will do a TCP handshake with the target's port. It attempts to detect cases where a router redirects the request to itself.

ConnectivityPlugin - Connectivity Plugin for Xamarin and Windows

  •    CSharp

Simple cross platform plugin to check connection status of mobile device, gather connection type, bandwidths, and more. Get started by reading through the Connectivity Plugin documentation.

isitup.now - A minimal service to check whether a site is πŸ†™or broken.

  •    HTML

A minimal service to check whether a site is πŸ†™ or broken. Visit isitup.now.sh for a live demo. Check out my blog and follow me on Twitter.

EFInternetIndicator - βŒπŸ“± A little swift Internet error status indicator using ReachabilitySwift

  •    Swift

To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first. EFInternetIndicator is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

RxReachability - RxSwift bindings for Reachability

  •    Swift

RxReachability adds easy to use RxSwift bindings for ReachabilitySwift. You can react to network reachability changes and even retry observables when network comes back up. With RxReachability you can also add a retry when network comes back up with a given timeout. This does require you to have a stored instance of Reachability though.