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status-react - a free (libre) open source, mobile OS for Ethereum

  •    Clojure

Join us in creating a browser, messenger, and gateway to a decentralized world. Status is a free (libre) open source mobile client targeting Android & iOS built entirely on Ethereum technologies. That's right, no middle men and go-ethereum running directly on your device. We believe in a medium of pure free trade, economies with fair, permission-less access and a world without intermediaries. We want to create policies that can exist between friends or scale globally, we want to communicate securely and be uninhibited by legacy systems.

re-frame - A Reagent Framework For Writing SPAs, in Clojurescript.

  •    Clojure

This, milord, is my family's axe. We have owned it for almost nine hundred years, see. Of course, sometimes it needed a new blade. And sometimes it has required a new handle, new designs on the metalwork, a little refreshing of the ornamentation ... but is this not the nine hundred-year-old axe of my family? And because it has changed gently over time, it is still a pretty good axe, y'know. Pretty good. re-frame is a pattern for writing SPAs in ClojureScript, using Reagent.

re-com - A ClojureScript library of reusable components for Reagent

  •    Clojure

A ClojureScript library of UI components. It is built on top of Dan Holmsand's terrific Reagent which, in turn, is a layer over Facebook's trailblazing React.

re-frame-10x - A debugging dashboard for re-frame

  •    Clojure

re-frame-10x lets you instrument, and then inspect, the inner workings of a running re-frame application. It presents as a programmer's dashboard, delivering curated insight and illumination. It helps you find false assumptions faster.

re-frame-template - Leiningen template for reagent web app based on the re-frame pattern

  •    Clojure

Leiningen template for reagent web apps which implement the re-frame pattern. Through the use of profiles, this template lets the developer pick and choose what "extras" are included in their application.

re-frisk - Visualize re-frame pattern data or reagent ratom data as a tree structure, watch re-frame events and export state in the debugger

  •    Clojure

Visualize re-frame pattern data or reagent ratom data as a tree structure, watch re-frame events and export state. In-app re-frisk debugger. The debugger will be embedded into the interface of your application.

clean-todos - :clipboard: A todo example leveraging clean architecture in Clojure

  •    Clojure

An example of clean architecture in Clojure. The goal of this project is to demonstrate the ever elusive clean architecture in Clojure, and also serve as a gentle introduction to clojure.spec (for me and hopefully others). Running the various deliveries should be a snap once you get leiningen installed.

re-alm - An Elm Architecture experiment in ClojureScript

  •    Clojure

You want to build SPAs the simplest way possible, using nothing, but pure, composable functions. In the render function you get the model, and a function to dispatch your messages with. The messages are automatically routed to your update function.

re-frame-async-flow-fx - A re-frame effects handler for coordinating the kind of async control flow which often happens on app startup

  •    Clojure

This re-frame library coordinates a set of asynchronous, stateful tasks which have dependencies (and consequently need to be ordered). Using this library, you can coordinate the kind of asynchronous control flow which is often necessary to successfully boot a re-frame application "up" into a functioning state, while also gracefully handling failures.

re-frame-forward-events-fx - A re-frame effects handler for listening-for and then post-processing dispatched events

  •    Clojure

This re-frame library contains an Effect Handler, keyed :forward-events, which allows you to listen-for, and then post-process events, typically for higher-level control flow purposes (eg. coordination). In the namespace where you register your event handlers, perhaps called events.cljs, you have 2 things to do.

re-frame-http-fx - A re-frame "effects handler" for performing Ajax tasks (via cljs-ajax)

  •    Clojure

This re-frame library contains an HTTP Effect Handler. Keyed :http-xhrio, it wraps the goog xhrio API of cljs-ajax.

re-frame-test - Cross platform (cljs and clj) utilities for testing re-frame applications

  •    Clojure

This library provides utilities for testing re-frame applications. For context, please be sure to read the basic testing tutorial in the main re-frame docs before going any further.


  •    Clojure

Add (my private fork of) Clairvoyant to your project :dependencies. Add re-frame-tracer to your project :dependencies.

re-frame-undo - An undo library for re-frame

  •    Clojure

This library provides undo/redo capabilities for re-frame. This is a very convenient method. It removes any undo-related noise from the event handler itself. It is probably the recommended way. It can be used with -fx event handlers in this form too.


  •    CoffeeScript

This project is a fork of dmotz/natal by Dan Motzenbecker with the goal of generating skeleton of native app for iOS and Android based on Reagent and re-frame or Om.Next. The support of Figwheel is based on brilliant solution developed by Will Decker decker405/figwheel-react-native which works in both platforms.

re-jump.el - emacs navigation for re-frame projects

  •    Emacs

If you are editing app.view you may be interested in what the foo event does. Unfortunately CIDER won't let you jump-to-var on a keyword because it's not a var! You have to manually visit the model namespace amd search for foo, possibly skipping past other references to it until you find the declaration where it gets registered. This becomes a pain when your code gets bigger.

re-graph - A graphql client for re-frame and clojurescript applications

  •    Clojure

re-graph is a graphql client for ClojureScript with bindings for re-frame applications. This library behaves like the popular Apollo client for graphql and as such is compatible with lacinia-pedestal.

breaking-point - BREAKING-POINT lets you quickly define and subscribe to screen (i

  •    Clojure

BREAKING-POINT lets you quickly define and subscribe to screen breakpoints in your re-frame application. Add the following to the :dependencies vector in your project.clj file.

re-pollsive - Re-pollsive is a clojurescript library that handles polling events for re-frame applications

  •    Clojure

re-pollsive is a library that handles polling events for re-frame applications. Note: For now, this library should be considered alpha quality, as the api is still settling.

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