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re2 - Regular expression engine in C++

  •    C++

RE2 is a fast, safe, thread-friendly alternative to backtracking regular expression engines like those used in PCRE, Perl, and Python. It is a C++ library.

node-oniguruma - Oniguruma Node Module

  •    Javascript

Native Node bindings to the Oniguruma regular expressions library.Read all about Oniguruma regular expressions here.

ansi-regex - Regular expression for matching ANSI escape codes

  •    Javascript

Some of the codes we run as a test are codes that we acquired finding various lists of non-standard or manufacturer specific codes. We test for both standard and non-standard codes, as most of them follow the same or similar format and can be safely matched in strings without the risk of removing actual string content. There are a few non-standard control codes that do not follow the traditional format (i.e. they end in numbers) thus forcing us to exclude them from the test because we cannot reliably match them.On the historical side, those ECMA standards were established in the early 90's whereas the VT100, for example, was designed in the mid/late 70's. At that point in time, control codes were still pretty ungoverned and engineers used them for a multitude of things, namely to activate hardware ports that may have been proprietary. Somewhere else you see a similar 'anarchy' of codes is in the x86 architecture for processors; there are a ton of "interrupts" that can mean different things on certain brands of processors, most of which have been phased out.

email-regex - Regular expression for matching email addresses

  •    Javascript

Use it for finding email addresses or checking if something is email like.You shouldn't use this for validating emails. Only for hinting to the user.

execall - Find multiple RegExp matches in a string

  •    Javascript

Instead of having to iterate over RegExp#exec, immutable, and with a nicer result format.Returns an array of objects with a match, sub-matches, and index.

filename-reserved-regex - Regular expression for matching reserved filename characters

  •    Javascript

On Unix-like systems / is reserved and <>:"/\|?* as well as non-printable characters \x00-\x1F on Windows.Returns a regex that matches all invalid characters.

comment-regex - Regular expression for matching JavaScript comments

  •    Javascript

This is pretty fragile and created for perf reasons where using a real parser would be overkill.The contents of the comment is in the first submatch.

memrepl - Memory inspection REPL interface

  •    Python

memrepl is a frida based script that aims to help a researcher in the task of exploitation of memory corruption related bugs. All the requirements will be installed automatically using python's setuptools.

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