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photoview - Photo gallery for self-hosted personal servers

  •    TypeScript

Photoview is a simple and user-friendly photo gallery that's made for photographers and aims to provide an easy and fast way to navigate directories, with thousands of high-resolution photos. You configure Photoview to look for photos and videos within a directory on your file system. The scanner automatically picks up your media and start to generate thumbnail images to make browsing super fast.

baudio - generate audio streams with functions

  •    Javascript

Return a readable stream of raw audio data based on the function fn(t,i).fn(t,i) is given the time in seconds t and the step counter i. fn(t,i) should return an amplitude value between -1 and 1, inclusive. Values outside that range will be clipped.

raw-loader - A loader for webpack that allows importing files as a String

  •    Javascript

A loader for webpack that allows importing files as a String. This module requires a minimum of Node v6.9.0 and Webpack v4.0.0.

docker-raw-stream - Decode/encode a docker raw stream

  •    Javascript

Per default if you end either encode.stdout or encode.stderr the encode stream will end. If you want to have the encode stream be half open use raw.encode({halfOpen:true}). This will require both encode.stdout and encode.stderr to end before the encode stream ends.

http-raw - expose the raw request data in an http server

  •    Javascript

The http-raw api is exactly like the http.createServer(cb) api from core, except for the extra functions documented below that get attached to the req and res objects in the 'request' and 'upgrade' events.Create a new http server with extended raw stream functions.

curl-trace-parser - Parser for output from Curl --trace option

  •    Javascript

Did you know that you can record raw HTTP communication of Curl command-line tool with the --trace and --trace-ascii option? It's the only way I know to get raw HTTP communication without using the tcpdump or wireshark. For example, this trick is very useful for the proper introspection into HTTP communication of an undocumented RESTful API. The only glitch is that cURL --trace saves data in its custom format, far from human-friendly, saving chunks as they are being received and splitting them by packets. If you want a human readable form then this parser is what you need. Delivered as a Node.js package.

sink.js - A javascript library for audio output

  •    Javascript

sink.js is a javascript library dedicated for audio output. Features include buffer fill callbacks, synchronous write, asynchronous write, ring buffers and recording. Currently supported platforms are Firefox 4+ and Chrome with Web Audio API enabled in about:flags. Additional platforms, such as a flash fallback can be added as plugins, but are currently not featured, nor will ever be enabled by default. For a platform to be added as enabled by default, it needs to be reliable in terms of latency and stability. Flash fallbacks – for example – cannot offer this kind of reliability and the sound will always be flaky at best. Currently, it is recommended to check that you are actually running at the sample rate that you specified, so when you create a sink, get the samplerate reference always from its .sampleRate property.

node-raw-socket - (outdated) Fork of https://github

  •    C++

This module implements raw sockets for Node.js. This module has been created primarily to facilitate implementation of the net-ping module.

node-portaudio - Node bindings for PortAudio

  •    C++

Note: This module has not been tested on windows. If you would like to submit a pull request that would be great. Note: You must install PortAudio libs first.

raw.macro - Read file contents at build time via babel-plugin-macros, similar to webpack raw-loader

  •    Javascript

I came across a few problem when using raw-loader in create-react-app. This can also be useful in environment where webpack is not available / not extensible. Just use babel and you're good to go.

github-content - Easily download files from github raw user content.

  •    Javascript

Easily download files from github raw user content. Create an instance of GithubContent to setup downloading of files.

rawtoaces - RAW to ACES Utility

  •    C++

The RAW to ACES Utility or rawtoaces, is a software package that converts digital camera RAW files to ACES container files containing image data encoded according to the Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES) as specified in SMPTE 2065-1. This is accomplished through one of two methods. CameraRAW RGB data (generated by libraw) is converted to ACES by calculating an Input Device Transform (IDT) based on the camera's sensitivity and a light source.

rawloader - rust library to extract the raw data and some metadata from digital camera images

  •    Rust

1 DNG is a 101 page overambitious spec that tries to be an interchange format for processed images, complete with image transformation operations. We just implement enough of the spec so that actual raw files from DNG producing cameras or the Adobe DNG converter can be read. 2 Files that are just the raw data itself with no metadata whatsoever. The most common of these are the files generated by the Canon CHDK hacked firmware. Later versions produced actual DNG files but the first ones just did a dump of the raw data next to the JPG and assumed the user would use the JPG for the metadata. We match them by the filesize itself which means that if you feed rawloader with a file that has the exact same bytecount as these files you'll get a nice garbage output...

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