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resilience4j - Resilience4j is a fault tolerance library designed for Java8 and functional programming

  •    Java

Resilience4j is a lightweight fault tolerance library inspired by Netflix Hystrix, but designed for Java 8 and functional programming. Lightweight, because the library only uses Vavr (formerly Javaslang), which does not have any other external library dependencies. Netflix Hystrix, in contrast, has a compile dependency to Archaius which has many more external library dependencies such as Guava and Apache Commons Configuration. With Resilience4j you don’t have to go all-in, you can pick what you need. Setup and usage is described in our User Guide.

golimit - Golimit is Uber ringpop based distributed and decentralized rate limiter

  •    Go

Golimit is Uber ringpop based distributed and decentralized rate limiter. It is horizontally scalable and is based on shared nothing architecture. Every node in system is capable of handling read and writes of counters. It is designed to offer sub milliseconds latency to caller application. Recommended deployment topology is sidecar model. Every golimit node keeps local and global counter for api counter and local value is synchronized with other nodes on configurable periodic interval or at defined threshold. Http server provides http interface to increment counter against any arbitrary Key string. It also exposes admin api to manage global configurations.

bucket4j - Java rate limiting library based on token/leaky-bucket algorithm.

  •    Java

Copyright 2015-2019 Vladimir Bukhtoyarov Licensed under the Apache Software License, Version 2.0: http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.

bottleneck - Task scheduler and rate limiter

  •    Javascript

Bottleneck is a lightweight and efficient Task Scheduler and Rate Limiter for Node.js and the browser. When dealing with services with limited resources, it's important to ensure that they don't become overloaded.Bottleneck is an easy solution as it does not add much complexity to your code.

gubernator - High Performance Rate Limiting MicroService and Library

  •    Go

Gubernator is a distributed, high performance, cloud native and stateless rate limiting service. Gubernator is stateless in that it doesn’t require disk space to operate. No configuration or cache data is ever synced to disk. This is because every request to gubernator includes the config for the rate limit. At first you might think this an unnecessary overhead to each request. However, In reality a rate limit config is made up of only 4, 64bit integers.

tokenbucket - A flexible rate limiter using the Token Bucket algorithm, with optional persistence in Redis, useful for API clients, web crawling, and other tasks that need to be throttled

  •    CoffeeScript

A flexible rate limiter configurable with different variations of the Token Bucket algorithm, with hierarchy support, and optional persistence in Redis. Useful for limiting API requests, or other tasks that need to be throttled. Create a new tokenbucket instance. See below for possible options.

limitless - An OTP application to integrate a rate-limiter in your application.

  •    Erlang

Limitless is a lightweight, generic library for Erlang to quickly integrate a rate-limiter inside your application. See examples directory to see how use the library with the mongodb backend.

node-fast-ratelimit - :umbrella: Fast and efficient in-memory rate-limit for Node, used to alleviate most common DOS attacks

  •    Javascript

Fast and efficient in-memory rate-limit, used to alleviate most common DOS attacks. This rate-limiter was designed to be as generic as possible, usable in any NodeJS project environment, regardless of wheter you're using a framework or just vanilla code.

raterl - An erlang ETS based rate limiter inspired by Jobs

  •    Erlang

Erlang flow control application heavily inspired in jobs and ratx, ETS based bypasses the jobs_server single process bottleneck while providing rate and counter flow control.

rate-limit - Very simple rate limiter for HTTP requests

  •    Go

NOTE : If you are using Proxy , set the IsUsingProxy to True for getting correct IP address in ratelimit function. And ratelimit will skip whitelist URIs.

rl - Rate limit from stdin to stdout (drop or keep messages)

  •    Go

E.g. when using mattertee to send output to mattermost, you can now just pipe it through rl so that your channels aren't being flooded.

hammer - An Elixir rate-limiter with pluggable backends

  •    Elixir

A rate-limiter for Elixir, with pluggable storage backends. We've just released a new helper-library to make adding rate-limiting to your Phoenix (or other plug-based) application even easier: Hammer.Plug.

Perfect-JWTAuth - Single Sign-On Authentication Module

  •    Swift


limited-request-queue - Interactively manage concurrency for outbound requests.

  •    Javascript

Interactively manage concurrency for outbound requests. Note: for use in a web browser, you will likely need an ES2015/ES6 transpiler for maximum coverage.

rerate - redis-based rate counter and rate limiter

  •    Go

Open http://localhost:8080 in Browser, And then move mouse. rerate is available under the The MIT License (MIT).

equalizer - Go rate limiters collection

  •    Go

API Quota is a very valuable resource. And while using it very carefully how do we back off in case of quota exceeded. If we continue with requests it can cause waste load and account lock in specific cases. Distributed quota management service is a solution but what if this is not a case? Chose one of the following limiters and your preferred backoff algorithm if needed. Equalizer provides the ability to manage quota based on previous responses and slow down or accelerate accordingly. It uses a bitmap of variable size which is quick and efficient.

rate_limiter - A pure dart package to apply useful rate limiting strategies on regular functions.

  •    Dart

Rate limiting is a strategy for limiting an action. It puts a cap on how often someone can repeat an action within a certain timeframe. Using rate_limiter we made it easier than ever to apply these strategies on regular dart functions. A debounced function will ignore all calls to it until the calls have stopped for a specified time period. Only then it will call the original function. For instance, if we specify the time as two seconds, and the debounced function is called 10 times with an interval of one second between each call, the function will not call the original function until two seconds after the last (tenth) call.

portara - Portara directive is a rate limiter / throttler for GraphQL

  •    TypeScript

Portara is an open source rate limiter designed for easy use with Apollo Server, including other Apollo implementations (including Apollo-Server-Express, Apollo-Server-Hapi, Apollo-Server-Koa, and Apollo-Server-Lambda). By using GraphQL Directives, developers have the ability to easily implement multiple rate limiters with as little as four lines of code. Note: Redis is a requirement for this package. You can visit Redis' Getting Started Page for information on getting started with Redis. If you are using multiple servers (or the serverless framework), we recommend using Redis Cloud.

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