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EvilOSX - An evil RAT (Remote Administration Tool) for macOS / OS X.

  •    Python

Warning: Because payloads are created unique to the target system (automatically by the server), the server must be running when any bot connects for the first time. For more information on SemVer, please visit https://semver.org/.

rat - Compose shell commands to build interactive terminal applications

  •    Go

Rat was developed as part of an effort to build a tig-like application with very little opinionated UI logic, delegating instead to the capabilities of shell commands like git log with its --pretty and --graph options. Shell commands are executed and the output is captured and displayed in pagers. Configurable annotators parse through the output, adding annotations that can be acted upon to run other shell commands.

QuasarRAT - Remote Administration Tool for Windows

  •    CSharp

Quasar is a fast and light-weight remote administration tool coded in C#. Providing high stability and an easy-to-use user interface, Quasar is the perfect remote administration solution for you. Open the project in Visual Studio 2017+ and click build. See below which build configuration to choose.

Lilith - Lilith, The Open Source C++ Remote Administration Tool (RAT)

  •    C++

Lilith is a console-based ultra light-weight RAT developed in C++. It features a straight-forward set of commands that allows for near complete control of a machine. The modularity and expandability of this RAT are what it's been built on. That's how it manages to stay very compact, light-weight and fast. You can download other utilities like password recovery or keylogging tools via Powershell scripts (link to some useful scripts will follow soon) and then execute them as if they were running on your own machine. Afterwards you're able to upload the results (also with a ps script) or evaluate them on the spot (via the type command) in cmd.

n00bRAT - Remote Administration Toolkit (or Trojan) for POSiX (Linux/Unix) system working as a Web Service

  •    C

It's a tiny C program which emulates a bare minimum HTTP server for fingerprinting security scanners. It let's one control the machine over this faked HTTPv0.1 protocol. This n00b server was created as RAT during college for Ethical Hacking course.

Parat - Python based Remote Administration Tool(RAT)

  •    Python

Parat is NOT for real attacks. It simply designed for educational purposes only and so is not responsible for any abusive/offensive uses. Copy and paste on your terminal: git clone https://github.com/micle-fm/Parat && cd Parat && python main.py Note: it may need to install python -m easy_install pypiwin32 on some targets.

poet - Post-exploitation tool

  •    Python

A simple POst-Exploitation Tool. This is just a small sample of what Poet can do.

Client - Windows, OS X and linux RAT client

  •    Go

Multi-client remote administration tool targeting windows systems.

GoATS - :goat: Go Advance Trojan Server For Windows Using Twitter As The C&C Server

  •    Go

Golang Advanced Trojan Server is a trojan created in Go, using Twitter as the C&C server. GoATS has some very unique and impressive capabilities, including multithreaded command execution and a sophisticated self defense rootkit module (written in C). If you're not familiar with malware, please do not run this program on yourself. It's very hard to remove once it is installed. !clear - Does nothing. Use this command if you don't want slaves to execute anything upon connecting.

MrRAT - :mouse: This is a cross-platform Python 2.x Remote Access Trojan (RAT)

  •    Python

This is a cross-platform Python 2.x Remote Access Trojan (RAT), MrRAT was created to maintain a clean design full-featured Python RAT. Currently a work in progress and still being actively hacked on. Disclaimer: This RAT is for research purposes only, and should only be used on authorized systems. Accessing a computer system or network without authorization or explicit permission is illegal.

Lime-RAT - LimeRAT | Simple, yet powerful remote administration tool for Windows

  •    VB

Simple yet powerful RAT for Windows machines. This project is simple and easy to understand, It should give you a general knowledge about dotNET malwares and how it behaves.

node-reverse-trojan - :computer: :ghost: :computer:An example of a reverse RAT (remote administration tool / trojan horse) written in NodeJS

  •    Javascript

An example of a reverse RAT (remote administration tool / trojan horse) written in NodeJS. Highly experimental. The idea behind this shows how a modern-day RAT or trojan tool might work. Many routers block incoming traffic on many ports, so this demonstrates the idea of a reverse-RAT... meaning there's a server running that serves up whatever command you want to execute on the client via JSON and the client does a GET at the server URL, then executes it.

NetWorm - Python network worm that spreads on the local network and gives the attacker control of these machines

  •    Python

Python network worm that spreads on the local network and gives the attacker control of these machines. This code is not finished and works more like a "worm template" for you to get inspiration at the moment.

android-c-sharp-rat-server - This is a plugin for the c# R

  •    CSharp

This is a pulgin built for the C# R.A.T Server with the plugin system.

android-R.A.T-Client - This is a R.A.T Client for android phones

  •    Java

Some of the functions are not tested, so this is not a final version and can contain bugs. Also there is connectivity issues currently, but i'm also looking forward to solve that. Let's just say this is a beta version.

C-R.A.T-Client-Linux - This is the linux version of the R.A.T client written in c#

  •    C

This is the linux version of the R.A.T client written in c#

C-Sharp-R.A.T-Server - This is a remote administration tool built with c#

  •    CSharp

This is the server program of the c# R.A.T. You will need to run this program on your computer, and not on the target's machine. The targets will connect to you with the help of this program. This is not a virus but serval AV will flag it as it's a virus. You need to build your own binary from this source code, so no trust issues. The executable is NOT published on this site, if you want the .exe you have to build the project using Visual Studio. The .dll files are published, because the project will not start without them. You need to select allow if the firewall prompt window come's up or the program can't open the TCP Server.

Javascript-Botnet-C-Sharp - This is a plugin for the c# R

  •    CSharp

This is a plugin for the c# R.A.T Server providing extension to javascript based browser botnets

Aurora - Aurora Remote Administration Tool

  •    Go

Aurora RAT or Remote Administration Tool is written in Go. This project was started to learn networking in go and get myself started in the security field.

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