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react-native-view-shot - Snapshot a React Native view and save it to an image

  •    CSharp

Capture a React Native view to an image. Make sure react-native-view-shot is correctly linked in XCode (might require a manual installation, refer to React Native doc).

svgexport - SVG to PNG/JPEG command-line tool and Node.js module

  •    Javascript

svgexport is a Node.js module and command-line tool for exporting SVG files to PNG and JPEG, it uses PhantomJS for rendering SVG files. datafile can be an object, an array of objects or a JSON file path, see command line usage for its format.

svg-to-image - convert SVG text to a Image that can be drawn in canvas

  •    Javascript

Converts a string of SVG into an HTMLImageElement using Blob and URL.createObjectURL. Falls back to encodeURIComponent for unsupported browsers, such as Safari 8.0.A common use case for this is rendering SVG to a 2D or WebGL canvas.

haar-tree-3d - 3D Wavelet Rasterization

  •    Javascript

Fills holes in meshes, interpolates point clouds, adaptively contours octrees, voxelization and much more

serverless-html-pdf - Convert HTML to PDF thru a lambda function using PhantomJS.

  •    Javascript

This lambda function takes a HTML page and convert it into printable PDF using PhantomJS and the rasterize script packaged in the PhantomJS examples.

grunt-svg2png - Grunt plugin to rasterize SVG to PNG images using PhantomJS

  •    Javascript

2014-06-23 pulled in path fix and option for use case without terminal. You may need to update your files config to include cwd and dest options.

react-native-webgl-view-shot - React Native WebGL extension to rasterize a view as a GL Texture.

  •    Java

React Native WebGL extension to rasterize a view as a GL Texture. The library extends the Texture Config Formats of react-native-webgl to add { view } config. The list of supported / rasterizable content is the same as listed in the library react-native-view-shot (even though that library is not directly used at the moment, some native code was taken from it).

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