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pi-timolo - Raspberry PI-TIMOLO ( PI-TImelapse, MOtion, LOwLight ) uses RPI picamera and python for Remote Headless Security Monitoring & Auto Sync files with rclone remote storage services

  •    Python

Requires a Raspberry Pi computer and a RPI camera module installed. Make sure hardware is tested and works. Most RPI models will work OK. A quad core RPI will greatly improve performance due to threading. A recent version of Raspbian operating system is Recommended. Step 1 With mouse left button highlight curl command in code box below. Right click mouse in highlighted area and Copy. Step 2 On RPI putty SSH or terminal session right click, select paste then Enter to download and run script.

raspberryio - The Raspberry Pi's IO Functionality in an easy-to-use API for Mono/.NET/C#

  •    CSharp

The Raspberry Pi's IO Functionality in an easy-to-use API for .NET (Mono/.NET Core). Our mission is to make .NET a first-class citizen in the Python-centric community of Raspberry Pi developers.Please note you program needs to be run with sudo. Example sudo mono myprogram.exe in order to work correctly.

TACOS - TACOS (There's a Cat On the Sundeck) Detector

  •    Python

TACOS (There's A Cat On the Sundeck) is a python script for detecting cats (and as a recent addition, other animals) on my sundeck. It does this by regularly taking pictures, uploading them to Amazon S3 and running object detection on them using Amazon Rekognition. If it finds a Cat (or an animal), it notifies those subscribed via Amazon SNS, with links to the picture in which it was detected, and some additional info if it was an animal. The camera doesn't work.

pmvr - Raspberry Pi Motion Video Recorder

  •    Go

The Raspberry Pi Motion Video Recorder is a proof of concept daemon that makes use of the motion estimation vectors available from the RPi's hardware accelerated H.264 encoder to detect and save clips of motion. Have any improvements or feature requests? Submit an issue and we'll discuss feasibility.

raspberrypi-docs-samples - Examples of using Google Cloud APIs with Raspberry Pi

  •    Python

This is not an officially supported Google product. This repository contains some scripts that show how various Google Cloud APIs can be used in Raspberry Pi to create cool things. The code in this repository is supposed to be run on Raspbian.

azure-iot-starter-kits - Samples for Azure IoT starter kits.

  •    Python

This repository contains code and instructions for deploying code to Azure IoT starter kits. Each project is a proof-of-concept and designed as a learning experience. Projects are specific to a manufacturer's device. Start with the README.md for each project.

pibayer - Acquire RAW Bayer-masked images with Raspberry Pi camera (before demosaicking) in Python

  •    Python

Acquire RAW Bayer-masked images with Raspberry Pi camera (before demosaicking). Writes HDF5, NetCDF or TIFF compressed image stacks. Setting of exposure time manually (seconds) is mandatory to avoid mistakes in experiments.