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homebridge-raspbian-image - Official Homebridge Raspberry Pi Image based on Raspbian Lite.

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This project provides a free Raspbian based Raspberry Pi image with Homebridge and Homebridge Config UI X pre-installed. This image also provides a command called hb-config which helps you keep Node.js up-to-date, perform maintenance on your Homebridge server, and install additional optional software such as Pi Hole, deCONZ, Node-RED and the UniFI Controller.

pi-apps - Raspberry Pi App Store for Open Source Projects

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The most popular app store for Raspberry Pi computers. 100% open-source bash scripts (including the GUI). Let's be honest: Linux is harder to master than Windows. Sometimes it's not user-friendly, and following an outdated tutorial may break your Raspberry Pi's operating system. There is no centralized software repository, except for the apt repositories which lack many desktop applications. Surely there is a better way! There is. Introducing Pi-Apps, an expanding, well-maintained collection of app installation-scripts that you can run with one click.

raspberrypi-fast-ts - A faster, lower-latency, userspace touchscreen input driver for the official Raspberry Pi 7" screen

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A faster, lower-latency, userspace touchscreen input driver for the official Raspberry Pi 7" screen. Only tested on Pi 4. It's possible it works on Pi 3 too. Will not work on Pi 2 or 1.

cloudbuddy - CloudBuddy is the ultimate wizard for cloud storage

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Bash-based GUI client for rclone. This was written by Botspot on 7/29/2021. CloudBuddy is portable and can be executed from anywhere on your filesystem. For simplicity, this README will assume CloudBuddy is located in your $HOME directory.

Pi-Power-Tools - General Purpose Raspbian Image & SD Card Manager

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This clones the repository to /home/pi/Pi-Power-Tools, adds a menu button, clones my vdesktop repo, and asks permission before installing YAD. Nothing is modified outside of your home directory. If it's not working for you, please open an issue.