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archiver - Easily create and extract

Package archiver makes it trivially easy to make and extract common archive formats such as .zip, and .tar.gz. Simply name the input and output file(s).Files are put into the root of the archive; directories are recursively added, preserving structure.

NUnrar - Unrar in pure C#

NUnrar is a native C# unrar library that supports forward-only (i.e. Network) streams and Silverlight. No intermediate buffering necessary. Random access is also available. It was ported from the JUnrar version of unrar (http://java-unrar.sourceforge.net/) by Edmund Wagner.

JTS Archiver

A free, Open Source Multi-Format Archiver supporting most popular compression formats.

go-unarr - Go bindings for unarr (decompression library for RAR, TAR, ZIP and 7z archives)

Golang bindings for the unarr library from sumatrapdf.unarr is a decompression library for RAR, TAR, ZIP and 7z archives.

Shaman.Dokan.Archive - Mounts 7z/zip/rar files on Windows

Mounts 7zip/ZIP/RAR files (read only).The archive is mounted in C:\DokanFs\path-to-archive. When --open is specified, the mounted folder is opened in Explorer.

dmc_unrar - A dependency-free, single-file FLOSS unrar library

dmc_unrar is a dependency-free, single-file FLOSS library for unpacking and decompressing RAR archives. dmc_unrar is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 (or later). Please see dmc_unrar.c for details.