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CSrankings - A web app for ranking computer science departments according to their research output in selective venues

  •    Python

This ranking of top computer science schools is designed to identify institutions and faculty actively engaged in research across a number of areas of computer science. Unlike US News and World Report's approach, which is exclusively based on surveys, this ranking is entirely metrics-based. It measures the number of publications by faculty that have appeared at the most selective conferences in each area of computer science. This approach is intended to be difficult to game, since publishing in such conferences is generally difficult: contrast this with other approaches like citation-based metrics, which have been repeatedly shown to be easy to manipulate. That said, incorporating citations in some form is a long-term goal.

Recommenders - Recommender Systems

  •    Jupyter

Several utilities are provided in reco_utils to support common tasks such as loading datasets in the format expected by different algorithms, evaluating model outputs, and splitting train/test data. Implementations of several state-of-the-art algorithms are provided for self-study and customization in your own applications. Please see the setup guide for more details on setting up your machine locally, on Spark, or on Azure Databricks.

ranking - Learning to Rank in TensorFlow

  •    Python

We envision that this library will provide a convenient open platform for hosting and advancing state-of-the-art ranking models based on deep learning techniques, and thus facilitate both academic research and industrial applications. TF-Ranking was presented at premier conferences in Information Retrieval, SIGIR 2019 and ICTIR 2019! The slides are available here.

DeText - A Deep Neural Text Understanding Framework for Ranking and Classification Tasks

  •    Python

DeText is a Deep Text understanding framework for NLP related ranking, classification, and language generation tasks. It leverages semantic matching using deep neural networks to understand member intents in search and recommender systems. As a general NLP framework, DeText can be applied to many tasks, including search & recommendation ranking, multi-class classification and query understanding tasks.

allRank - allRank is a framework for training learning-to-rank neural models based on PyTorch.

  •    Python

allRank provides an easy and flexible way to experiment with various LTR neural network models and loss functions. It is easy to add a custom loss, and to configure the model and the training procedure. We hope that allRank will facilitate both research in neural LTR and its industrial applications. To help you get started, we provide a run_example.sh script which generates dummy ranking data in libsvm format and trains a Transformer model on the data using provided example config.json config file. Once you run the script, the dummy data can be found in dummy_data directory and the results of the experiment in test_run directory. To run the example, Docker is required.

fast-soft-sort - Fast Differentiable Sorting and Ranking

  •    Python

Differentiable sorting and ranking operations in O(n log n). Run python setup.py install or copy the fast_soft_sort/ folder to your project.

YCML - A Machine Learning and Optimization framework for Objective-C and Swift (MacOS and iOS)

  •    Objective-C

YCML is an Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Optimization framework written in Objective-C. YCML can be used both in Objective-C as well as in Swift. YCML has been verified to run on MacOS and iOS. Above all, YCML attempts to bring high-quality published algorithms to Swift/Objective-C, using optimized implementations. Referenced papers for the implementation of each algorithm are available at the end of this document.

npm-me - Get a list of download counts over the last month for a particular user's packages

  •    Javascript

Get a list of download counts over the last month for a particular user's packages.Given an npm package, return the number of times it's been downloaded this month.

game-of-tests-laravel - Laravel package for a Game of Tests

  •    PHP

This package aims to enable a quick implementation of a Game of Tests in Laravel. Is uses the package swisnl/game-of-tests and gives you a set of commands and basic templates to make your own Game of Tests.This package serves as a way to search through git repositories and find PHP tests. I was inspired by the the Spotify testing game I ran in to.

node-trueskill - JavaScript implementation of TrueSkill player ranking

  •    CoffeeScript

##Background This library implements the TrueSkill(TM) ranking system and is a port of the python library https://github.com/dougz/trueskill.

glicko2js - Glicko2 javascript implementation

  •    Javascript

The Glicko-2 rating system is a method for assessing a player's strength in games of skill, such as chess and go. The algorithm is explained by its author, Mark E. Glickman, on http://glicko.net/glicko.html. Each player begins with a rating, a rating deviation (accuracy of the rating) and a volatility (speed of rating evolution). These values will evolve according to the outcomes of matches with other players.

choix - Inference algorithms for models based on Luce's choice axiom

  •    Python

choix is a Python library that provides inference algorithms for models based on Luce's choice axiom. These probabilistic models can be used to explain and predict outcomes of comparisons between items. You can also find more information on the official documentation. In particular, the API reference contains a good summary of the library's features.

github-user-rank-extension - Your Github fame is getting closer with every open-source project you've built and promoted, with every new follower starring, using and forking your solution

  •    TypeScript

Install GitHub User Rank extension from Chrome Web Store or Mozilla Add-ons Store. Yet another small content script, based on gitlance.net data, it adds rankings straight to GitHub user profiles so you don't have to go anywhere anymore.

hidden-gems - Ranking of Steam games to favor "hidden gems".

  •    Python

This repository contains code to compute a ranking of Steam games, based on a score intended to favor "hidden gems". A "hidden gem" is defined as a high-quality game (hence the "gem") which only got little attention (hence "hidden").

elo-rank - elo ranking system in node

  •    Javascript

A simple implementation of the elo-ranking system, in javascript. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

cs-ranking - Context-sensitive ranking in Python with Tensorflow

  •    Python

CS-Rank is a Python package for context-sensitive ranking algorithms. Check out our interactive notebooks to quickly find out what our package can do.

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