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Random Text Generator

  •    CSharp

Generate random strings (words), sentences, and paragraphs.

regexp-examples - Generate strings that match a given regular expression

  •    Ruby

Regexp#examples generates a list of all* strings that will match the given regular expression. Regexp#random_example returns one, random string (from all possible strings!!) that matches the regex.

uniuri - Go package uniuri generates random strings good for use in URIs to identify unique objects.

  •    Go

Package uniuri generates random strings good for use in URIs to identify unique objects.A standard string created by New() is 16 bytes in length and consists of Latin upper and lowercase letters, and numbers (from the set of 62 allowed characters), which means that it has ~95 bits of entropy. To get more entropy, you can use NewLen(UUIDLen), which returns 20-byte string, giving ~119 bits of entropy, or any other desired length.

Session-Token - Secure, efficient, simple random session token generation

  •    Perl

This module provides a secure, efficient, and simple interface for creating session tokens, password reset codes, temporary passwords, random identifiers, and anything else you can think of.When a Session::Token object is created, 1024 bytes are read from /dev/urandom (Linux, Solaris, most BSDs), /dev/arandom (some older BSDs), or Crypt::Random::Source::Strong::Win32 (Windows). These bytes are used to seed the ISAAC-32 pseudo random number generator.

FastShuffleExperiments - How fast can we shuffle values?

  •    C++

We assume that you have a Linux-like system. To reproduce the figures from the ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation article, please go to the TOMACS_RCR subdirectory and consult the README.md file for instructions.

node-random-strings - Fast, beautiful, unique random Strings for node

  •    CoffeeScript

Generate a String of length random characters from alphabet. length - Integer. The number of characters you want your String to be.

randomorg-js - Client for the JSON-RPC v1 API of Random

  •    Javascript

You might also be interested in always-done. Please don't use the https://unpkg.com/randomorg-js shortcut that Unpkg allows you, because it will give you the CommonJS / Nodejs (with module.exports) build, that you can't use in the browser.

grand - Grand is a Go random string generator

  •    Go

Grand is a Go random string generator. grand uses the default Source, and hence is safe to be called from multiple goroutines, at a slight performance penalty. See https://stackoverflow.com/a/31832326/1161743 for details.