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random_compat - PHP 5.x support for random_bytes() and random_int()

  •    PHP

PHP 5.x polyfill for random_bytes() and random_int() created and maintained by Paragon Initiative Enterprises. Although this library should function in earlier versions of PHP, we will only consider issues relevant to supported PHP versions. If you are using an unsupported version of PHP, please upgrade as soon as possible.

RandomKit - Random data generation in Swift

  •    Swift

RandomKit is a Swift framework that makes random data generation simple and easy. RandomKit is possibly also compatible with FreeBSD, Android, and Windows (under Cygwin) but has not been tested for those platforms.

perlin-toolkit - Animated perlin noise textures

  •    ActionScript

Randomly generated background animations using perlin noise producing unique experiences each instance. Demo it in action here.

Cloudy - Random Cloudy Skies for iOS.

  •    Swift

Cloudy is a simple UIView subclass that lets you generate random yet beautiful clouds. Learn more about the Cloudy project, licensing, support etc.

MarkovNameGenerator - :black_nib: Markov process-based procedural name and word generator

  •    Haxe

Markov Namegen is a Markov chain-based procedural name generator written in Haxe. Run it in your browser. Demonstrates the markov-namegen haxelib. Read the docs here.

nes-runner - An infinite runner NES game!

  •    Assembly

This is a brand new NES game that I'm writing on stream over on Twitch.tv! The vast majority of this game has been written on stream with very little done off stream. After make is run you should have a sub-directory named bin/ that holds a bunch of stuff, namely runner.nes and some symbols files for the both the Mesen and FCEUX emulators.

extraDistr - Additional univariate and multivariate distributions

  •    C++

Density, distribution function, quantile function and random generation for a number of univariate and multivariate distributions. This package follows naming convention that is consistent with base R, where density (or probability mass) functions, distribution functions, quantile functions and random generation functions names are followed by d*, p*, q*, and r* prefixes.

sitmo - Sitmo parallel random number engine headers in an R package

  •    C++

The repository houses the sitmo R package for Parallel Psuedo Random Number Generation (PPRNG). The package provides a way to obtain the SITMO Consulting’s PPRNG header files via LinkTo. sitmo is available on both CRAN (Stable) and GitHub (Development). Using CRAN to download and install sitmo is the preferred option as it is significantly more stable vs. the GitHub version.

random-name-generator - Generate random male and female names with real-world probability.

  •    Python

Generates random male and female names with real-world probability. (Well the occurrence of first name and last names, not the combination of the two). Useful for generating test data for, err testing purposes.

Design-of-experiment-Python - Design-of-experiment (DOE) generator for science, engineering, and statistics

  •    Jupyter

It uses a MIT License, so although I retain the copyright of this particular code, please feel free to exercise your rights of the free software by using and enhancing it. Please get the codebase from here.

pydbgen - Random dataframe and database table generator

  •    Python

While it is easy to generate random numbers or simple words for Pandas or dataframe operation learning, it is often non-trivial to generate full data tables with meaningful yet random entries of most commonly encountered fields in the world of database, such as name, age, birthday, credit card number, SSN, email id, physical address, company name, job title etc. This Python package generates a random database TABLE (or a Pandas dataframe, or an Excel file) based on user's choice of data types (database fields). User can specify the number of samples needed. One can also designate a "PRIMARY KEY" for the database table. Finally, the TABLE is inserted into a new or existing database file of user's choice.

Alpha - Random Fortune, Quote & Word Generator

  •    Swift

Alpha is a random quote, fortune and word generator. Alpha was built as a little side project to help familiarize my self with Swift. The app is currently available in the app store, you can download it here. Alpha is licensed under the MIT License. This license does not cover the image assets. All images are property of Ozzie Kirkby or owns proper licensing to be used in the application.

minigen - A library for generating random data in the Erlang ecosystem, written in Gleam

  •    Erlang

A library for generating random data in the Erlang ecosystem, written in Gleam. The examples below use the run function that will probably return different values on each call. If we want to get the same values on each call, we need to use run_with_seed instead.

randomorg-js - Client for the JSON-RPC v1 API of Random

  •    Javascript

You might also be interested in always-done. Please don't use the https://unpkg.com/randomorg-js shortcut that Unpkg allows you, because it will give you the CommonJS / Nodejs (with module.exports) build, that you can't use in the browser.

rword - 🎲 A cryptographically secure random generator for real English words

  •    TypeScript

A cryptographically secure Node.js random generator for real English words. Contains over 350,000 English words. Note: rword stores its words array in memory, and limited testing shows this to add about ~20-60 MB to Node's heap depending on which word list you choose. rword is built to be fast and self-contained without the need for a database and this price is paid at the expense of your RAM.

random-port - A Ruby gem to reserve a random TCP port

  •    Ruby

It's a simple Ruby gem to get a random TCP port. The pool is thread-safe by default. You can configure it to be not-thread-safe, using optional sync argument of the constructor.

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