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list - 🐆 An immutable list with unmatched performance and a comprehensive functional API.

  •    TypeScript

A fast immutable list with a functional API. List is a purely functional alternative to arrays. It is an implementation of a fast persistent sequence data structure. Compared to JavaScript's Array List has three major benefits.

ramda-cli - :ram: A CLI tool for processing data with functional pipelines

  •    LiveScript

A command-line tool for processing data with functional pipelines. Unites Ramda's curried, data-last API and LiveScript's terse and powerful syntax.

rambda - Faster alternative to Ramda in just 10kB

  •    Javascript

Currenly Rambda is more tree-shakable than Ramda as you can see in this tree-shaking example. Rambda is generally more performant than Ramda as the benchmarks can prove that.

Nspl - Non-standard PHP library - functional primitives toolbox and more

  •    PHP

You can see more examples in the library reference below or here. This is documentation for the dev version 1.3.*-dev which contains the latest changes. For the version 1.2 (last stable version) documentation click here.

lambda - 🔮 Estudos obscuros de programação funcional

  •    Javascript

O propósito desse repo é centralizar tudo que discutirmos na guilda de programação funcional, desde material de estudos até discussões e datas de reuniões. Algumas linguagens mais populares como JS, PHP e C# tem bastante suporte à programação funcional. libs dessa lista tem como objetivo entregar ferramentas para você extrair ao máximo os benefícios de funcional escondidos nelas.

zen-signals - ☯ The simplest signal library possible

  •    Javascript

zen-signals is a signal library focused on readability. You should be able to open the code and understand it. Therefore, its main value is educational. Yes, you can use it in your project, and maybe even in production, but it will fall short for more complex use cases. If you're learning Rx (or any other production ready signal library), you may find understanding and reading zen-signal's code helpful. To understand zen-signals, you need to understand 3 things: signals, processes and side effects. As names suggest, a signal is a place where data comes from; a process is something that changes data - and only data; and a side effect is something that changes other things than data.

ramda-adjunct - Adjunct is a thing added to something else as a supplementary rather than an essential part

  •    Javascript

This library is a community maintained extension of Ramda offering a wide variety of useful and commonly used functions built from Ramda. For a full list of functions see the Documentation For The Latest Release.

ember-cli-ramda - An addon for using Ramda with Ember

  •    Javascript

This addon adds ramda.js to an ember-cli based project.


  •    Javascript

but especially when using with Browserify the individual function approach is recommended because using it you only add those functions to your bundle you use. The dist/underscore.string.fp.js file is an UMD build. You can load it using an AMD loader such as RequireJS or just stick it to a web page and access the library from the S global.

react-image-timeline - :calendar: An image-centric timeline component for React.js

  •    Javascript

An image-centric timeline component for React.js. View chronological events in a pleasant way. To pass extra data into custom components, use the extras field on the event model.

rambo - Automatic Ramda solution bot

  •    Javascript

Given inputs and outputs brute forces a Ramda solution. The solver is very simple and just brute forces the solution by iterating over a bunch of functions. Since Ramda is sooooo good at currying, we can combine multiple functions by providing derived functions as inputs to other functions, like R.map for example, as first arguments. I also use the data to guide the solution tries. For example, R.has(...) tries every string from the input and output as a property name.

Ramda.NET - Practical functional C# port from Ramda.js

  •    CSharp

A practical functional library for C# programmers. This is a port from the javascript Ramda library.

ramda-destruct - :boom: Clean up required or imported ramda functions

  •    Javascript

Cleans up required ramda functions when using destructuring assignment


  •    Javascript

It reads JSDoc documentation from the project's Ramda source file and uses the functions' @param annotations to determine valid argument types in function application. Set DEBUG environment variable to ramda-t.

treis - :flashlight: A simple tool to debug and observe functions

  •    Javascript

treis will answer the question "what arguments is this function called with and what does it return?". It can be particularly useful when programming in point-free style.

rambdax - Extended version of Rambda

  •    Javascript

Rambdax passthrough all Rambda methods and introduce some new functions. The idea of Rambdax is to extend Rambda without worring for Ramda compatibility.

tree-shaking-example - Tree-shaking of Rambda and Ramda with Webpack and Rollup

  •    Javascript

Example implementation of tree-shaking and dead code elimination of Rambda and Ramda with Webpack and Rollup. Currently the major advantage of Rambda over Ramda is its tree-shaking ability and this repo is the proof of this statement.

imlazy - Functional programming with lazy immutable iterables

  •    Javascript

All iterables created by imlazy are frozen with Object.freeze so, not only are they lazy, they're also immutable. If you want to find out more about the ES2015 iteration protocols this MDN article is a good place to start.

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