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angular-rails-templates - Use your angular templates with rails' asset pipeline

  •    Ruby

Adds your HTML templates into Angular's $templateCache using Rails asset pipeline. It removes the need for AJAX calls to retrieve the templates (or for you to manually set them into the DOM).

serviceworker-rails - Use Service Worker with the Rails asset pipeline

  •    Ruby

The Rails asset pipeline makes a number of assumptions about what's best for deploying JavaScript, including asset digest fingerprints and long-lived cache headers - mostly to increase "cacheability". Rails also assumes a single parent directory, /public/assets, to make it easier to look up the file path for a given asset. Service workers may only be active from within the scope from which they are served. So if you try to register a service worker from a Rails asset pipeline path, like /assets/serviceworker-abcd1234.js, it will only be able to interact with requests and responses within /assets/**. This is not what we want.

furatto-rails - Furatto CSS Framework for Rails Asset Pipeline

  •    Ruby

Furatto is a lightweight & friendly front-end framework got get the job done, created and maintained by Abraham Kuri from Icalia Labs.The furatto gem integrates the Furatto CSS framework for Rails 4+ Asset Pipeline.

serviceworker-rails-sandbox - Service Workers on Rails demo app with the serviceworker-rails gem

  •    Ruby

This sandbox demonstrates various use cases for "Service Workers on Rails". Integration of Service Workers with the Rails asset pipeline is provided by the serviceworker-rails gem. So you want to use Service Workers in your Rails app? Consider that the Rails asset pipeline bundles JavaScript assets so that they're typically finger-printed, heavily cached, and served out of the /assets directory. While we'd like to take advantage of the asset pipeline for transpiling our Service Worker scripts just like any other JavaScript assets, we need flexibility for how these assets are served to the client.

csso-rails - CSS Optimizer(csso) ruby wrapper for Rails Asset pipeline

  •    Ruby

Ruby adapter for github.com/css/csso. CSSO does structure-optimization for CSS. CSS is usually reduced more than in half in uncompressed and around 15% in gzipped.

photoswipe-rails - A gem to add PhotoSwipe to Rails asset pipeline

  •    Javascript

PhotoSwipe for the Rails asset pipeline. See PhotoSwipe set-up guide for further instructions.

js-namespace-rails - js-namespace-rails let you choose which javascript snippet can execute in rails assets pipeline

  •    Ruby

Rails's asset pipeline compiles all of js file into a single file which is executed on all pages. There has a problem, some time we want to execute selective code on specific page, but asset pipeline doesn't support. js-namespace-rails can handle this problem by using it's method to namespace and selectively execute certain javascript depending on which Rails controller action is active. MIT License.

material_icons - A simple Rails wrapper for Google Material Icons

  •    HTML

Material Design Icons is a +900 set of icons based on Material Design guidelines. You can check all the icons in the official site. This gem helps you to add this fantastic icon collection to your Rails projects easily. I keep the gem updated so you always will have the latest icons in your project.

pug-rails - 👌 Make Jade and Pug play well with Sprockets.

  •    Ruby

pug-rails is a gem that allows you to easily integrate Jade / Pug template engine with Rails asset packaging system known as Sprockets. pug-ruby is used under the hood. Please refer to the gem if you would like to use Jade / Pug compiler API directly.

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