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RAII.scala - Resource Acquisition Is Initialization

  •    Scala

RAII.scala is a collection of utilities aims to manage native resources in Scalaz. An asynchronous.Do is an asynchronous value, like scala.concurrent.Future or scalaz.concurrent.Task. The difference is that resources in Do can be either automatically acquired/released in scope, or managed by reference counting mechanism.

Dsl.scala - A framework to create DSL in Scala

  •    Scala

Dsl.scala is a framework to create embedded Domain-Specific Languages in Scala. A DSL author is able to create language keywords by implementing the Dsl trait, which contains only one simple function. No knowledge about Scala compiler or AST macros is required.

libnica - Common C library functions

  •    C

This library is undergoing an active development cycle. It is currently being developed in tandem with multiple projects, and as such the ABI and API should be considered currently unstable. Lightweight library containing common functionality of typical "C utility libs".

raii_with - A simple library to provide RAII in standard-compliant C99, using raii_with(resource, initializer, destructor) {

  •    C

Resource Acquisition Is Initialization (or, if you prefer, Resource Relinquishment is Destruction) is a pattern that C++ and some other languages use to ensure that a resource is automatically released once you are done working with it. The raii library for C99 tries to emulate this, by letting you write raii_with statements that are similar to the with-statements of e.g. Python.

Notificationz - 📡 Helping you own NotificationCenter in Swift! .. http://kitz.io

  •    Swift

Full and Simple Testing: Testing this library was simple, since it only forwards calls to NotificationCenter for the most part. Mocking that object allowed tests to reach 100% coverage.

scope-guard - Implementation of Scoped Guards and Unique Resource as proposed in P0052.

  •    C++

Implementation of Scope Guards (scope_exit, scope_success, scope_fail) and unique_resource as proposed in P0052R10. The namespace sr is used instead of std.

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