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react-mdl - React Components for Material Design Lite

  •    CSS

This library is now deprecated. It's higly recommended to use Material Design Components instead. Instead of using the official material.css and material.js files from the MDL project, you should use the files we provide in /extra. The reason to that is because the official Layout component is not fully compatible with React. We made a patch and we re-exported everything so people can still use it. If you're worried about the changes we made, you can take a look at the patch note or read about the issue in this ticket.

react-radio-group - Better radio buttons.

  •    Javascript

Then either import {RadioGroup, Radio} from 'react-radio-group' or add node_modules/react-radio-group/umd/index.js into your HTML file (exports the RadioGroup global which contains both, the RadioGroup and Radio component.). Repetitive fields are either lifted onto the RadioGroup wrapper or already implicitly set on the Radio component, which is a simple wrapper around the radio input.

react-radios - 🔘 Proper handling of HTML radios in react

  •    Javascript

Brings radio group behavior into line with other input types in React like the select tag.

radio-group - 845 byte WAI-ARIA 1.1 compliant radio group React component

  •    TypeScript

An accessible WAI-ARIA 1.1-compliant Radio Group React component. Note: This package uses Array.prototype.findIndex, so be sure that you have properly polyfilled.

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