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lithium - li₃ is the fast, flexible and most RAD development framework for PHP

  •    PHP

li₃ is the fast, flexible and the most RAD development framework for PHP. li₃ is the first and only major PHP framework built from the ground up for PHP 5.3+, and the first to break ground into major new technologies, including bridging the gap between relational and non-relational databases through a single, unified API.

JHipster - Create Spring Boot + Angular projects in seconds

  •    Java

JHipster is a Yeoman generator, used to create a Spring Boot + Angular project. Its goal is to generate for you a complete and modern Web app. It provides a high-performance and robust Java stack on the server side with Spring Boot, A sleek, modern, mobile-first front-end with Angular and Bootstrap and a powerful workflow to build your application with Yeoman, Webpack/Gulp and Maven/Gradle.

cuba - CUBA Platform is a high level framework for enterprise applications development

  •    Java

CUBA Platform is a high level framework for rapid development of enterprise applications with rich web interface. The simplest way to start using the platform is to download CUBA Studio and create a new project in it. A released version of the platform will be downloaded automatically from the artifact repository.

node-php - Node.js interfacing with PHP-FPM through FastCGI

  •    Javascript

Be worried, be very worried. The name NodePHP takes its name from the fact that we are effectively turning a nice Node.js server into a FastCGI interface that interacts with PHP-FPM. This is omega-alpha-super-beta-proof-of-concept but it already runs a few simple scripts. Mostly done for my talks on Node.js for PHP Developers this turns out to be quite an interesting project that we are most likely be going to use with Orchestra when we decide to release our Inline PHP server that allows people to run PHP without Apache, Nginx or any webserver.

Sistema de Gestión de El Salvador


Sistema de Gestión de El Salvador, Es un Sistema Informático en PHP/MySQL que permite desarrollar rápidamente sistemas pequeños para oficinas. Desarrollado por: Ing. Mauricio Vladimir Fuentes Salguero. Fuentes Digital fuentes_mauricio@hotmail.com http://mvf.brinkster.net/

Scrumr - A Lightweight Scrum Management Tool


Scrumr is a lightweight web-based scrum tool which does not require Microsoft's Team Server to operate. We're a small department, and don't have Microsoft's Team Server, but still need to collaborate and manage. That's why we're building this tool. In addition to being a us...

Application Rapid Development Toolkit (ARD Toolkit)


ARD Toolkit is a collection of .NET C# classes that implement typical tasks and patterns an application developer faces on day-to-day basis. ARD Contains: - Data Access module provides a framework for database vendor independent database code. It has generic classes that i...

XCase - Tool for XML Data Modeling

  •    DotNet

XCase is a case tool for conceptual modeling of XML data based on MDA as it separates the conceptual modeling process to two levels: Platform-Independent and Platform-Specific Model. From each PSM diagram you can derive an XML schema describing a data view.

SketchWizard: Wizard of Oz Prototyping of Pen-based User Interfaces


SketchWizard makes Wizard of Oz testing more accessible to designers of intelligent sketching applications. In such applications, the requirements for recognition technology are very dependent on low-level interface design choices. Currently, designers must produce costly high...

Carbon MVVM

  •    ASPNET

RAD framework for ASP.NET. Enables easy modeling of complex data structures and their mapping to the user interface.

Microsoft Blueprints Contrib


Community Contributions to the Microsoft Blueprints platform



An ASP.NET Control similar to GridView but it auto builds a Web From in run-time by binding a Model.

develnext - JavaFX and IDE for JPHP (only russian localization, english - in progress)

  •    PHP

GUI and IDE for php based on jphp, for beginners only.You can find the builded distrubutive in develnext/build/install/develnext.

parse-unit - parses number and unit, '20px' into [20, 'px']

  •    Javascript

Parses a number and unit string, eg "20px" into [20, "px"].Parses the string and its unit, returning an array containing the number and unit, separated.

composer-library-template - Skeleton for creating a new Composer Library

  •    PHP

If you are trying to create a new PHP Composer library, whether it will be going to submitted to packagist.org or just in your Github account, this template of files will surely help you make the process a lot easier and faster. I encourage that you put more information on this readme file instead of leaving it as is. See How to make a README file for more info.

graojs - GrãoJS - MVC NodeJS Framework

  •    Javascript

Today, this project is a scaffolding, based on angularjs, twitter bootstrap, jade, express 3.x, mongoose and mongoose-validator.