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Rackspace Apps API Clients


This project is the home to clients for the Rackspace Apps API. The Rackspace Apps API comprises a robust set of web services designed to allow businesses to fully integrate administrative email & apps functions into their own applications.

OneupFlysystemBundle - A Flysystem integration for your Symfony projects.

  •    PHP

The OneupFlysystemBundle provides a Flysystem integration for your Symfony projects. Flysystem is a filesystem abstraction which allows you to easily swap out a local filesystem for a remote one. Currently you can configure the following adapters to use in your Symfony project. Issues and feature requests are tracked in the Github issue tracker.

cloudrail-si-node-sdk - Unified API Library for: Cloud Storage, Social Log-In, Social Interaction, Payment, Email, SMS, POIs, Video & Messaging

  •    Javascript

CloudRail is an API integration solution which abstracts multiple APIs from different providers into a single and universal interface.With CloudRail, you can easily integrate external APIs into your application. CloudRail provides abstracted interfaces that take several services and then exposes a developer-friendly API that uses common functions between all providers. This means that, for example, upload() works in exactly the same way for Dropbox as it does for Google Drive, OneDrive, and other Cloud Storage Services, and getEmail() works similarly the same way across all social networks.

great-migration - Copy objects from Rackspace to S3

  •    Ruby

Ever have to migrate from Rackspace Files to S3? I did. And I couldn't find a simple way to do it, so I made one. There's a service mover.io but it gave up after 25,000 objects. I had to copy 175,000. This is a Ruby script which will log into Rackspace, get a list of all objects from a container (paged in groups of 10,000 by default), and copy those objects to an S3 bucket.

glimpse.js - A visualization library built on top of d3.

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript library for making beautiful graphs and visualizations effortlessly. Its purpose is to empower developers to quickly render data as standards-compliant web-based visualizations. Glimpse.js requires very little code and has virtually no learning curve, yet is customizable enough to allow for the most complex data visualizations. We leverage countless hours of work that have already gone into the open-source community by building on top of the immensely popular d3.js library (a lower-level data visualization library). We take that work one step further by providing a simpler API and by drastically reducing the amount of code necessary for the end-user to write. Interactive time-series graphs can be created in as little as 2-3 lines of code.

service-registry - API-driven cloud service built for keeping track of your services and storing configuration values in a centralized place

  •    Javascript

Service Registry (codename Farscape) is an API-driven cloud service built for keeping track of your services. It also stores configuration values which allows you to react to changes faster and make your application / service more highly-available. For more info, please see the wiki.

grunt-cloudfiles - Grunt task to work with Rackspace Cloudfiles

  •    Javascript

I wrote this to solve a particular problem we were facing on a project. I kept it up for a while, but I'm not suing the plugin anymore, and I no longer have the time to keep up with it. If you are interested in helping, please reach out to me and we can talk through the code and things, and some 'next steps'. If all goes good I can add you to the Authors list on NPM for publish rights.

coreos-cluster - Create a coreos cluster from node.js

  •    Javascript

Create a fully functional CoreOs Cluster on Rackspace Cloud from any node.js application. A command-line version of coreos-cluster is available on npm as coreos-cluster-cli. As coreos-cluster is built on pkgcloud, the next step is to add a provider option that allows you to use different compute providers within pkgcloud.

coreos-cluster-cli - Create a coreos cluster from the command line

  •    Javascript

Create a fully functional CoreOS Cluster on Rackspace Cloud from the command line. A node.js sdk version of coreos-cluster-cli is available on npm as coreos-cluster. coreos-cluster-cli now supports adding a --private-network [guid] to each machine on the cluster, and will bind etcd to this private network. This is only available for performance type clusters. To get the guid of a private network in the desired region, please access the rackspace control panel.

rackspace-openstack - Node.js module for using the rackspace openstack servers api.

  •    Javascript

All functionality in this package is either implemented in pkgcloud or is in the process of being migrated to pkgcloud. Please only use this package for prototyping at this point as the next published version will remove functionality entirely. The rackspace-openstack module is compliant with the Rackspace Openstack API. rackspace-openstack is a nearly feature complete wrapper for the Rackspace Openstack APIs and should work in most scenarios.

rackit - Dead simple way to store files on Rackspace Cloud Files

  •    Javascript

Rackit is a module for managing large collections of files on Rackspace Cloud Files. Rackit automatically creates containers as needed, and reauthenticates when the API token expires. Rackit also supports the generation of temporary, time-limited file URLs. Cloud Files has a recommended limit of 50,000 files per container. Rackit knows this, and will automatically create new containers as necessary.

canon - A front-end framework for fast & consistent development of Rackspace UIs.

  •    CSS

This README contains information on setting up the Canon development environment on your local machine. Use these instructions if you intend to develop Canon elements and contribute code back to the project. For information on including Canon CSS and javascript in your application, see http://canon.rackspace.com.

serverless-demo - Demo of creating a server less architecture

  •    Javascript

#Serverless Architecture Demo This is a demo of creating a serverless architecture with AWS. In order to use this to its fullest, you need an AWS account. Please go here to follow along in this series.

rpc-maas - Ansible Role for deploying Rackspace monitoring-as-a-service on an Openstack Environment || Submit bugs to: https://bit

  •    Python

Deployment, setup and installation of Rackspace MaaS for Rackspace Private clouds. These playbooks allow deployers to monitor clouds using Rackspace Monitoring as a Service. The playbooks can be used with OpenStack-Ansible or on their own using Ansible static inventory.

rpc-upgrades - Leapfrog/FastTrack/IntraSeries Upgrades for RPC-OpenStack

  •    Shell

If you are looking for the Kilo to 14.2.0 (newton) support, it exists directly in the RPC-O repo. The status of supported versions can be viewed from the periodic jobs located on the RPC Jenkins server.