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enqueue-dev - PHP7.1+. Message queue packages for PHP, Symfony, Laravel, Yii, and Magento

  •    PHP

Enqueue is production ready, battle-tested messaging solution for PHP. Provides a common way for programs to create, send, read messages. This is a main development repository. It provides a friendly environment for productive development and testing of all Enqueue related features&packages.

mqtt - Tarantool MQTT client

  •    Lua

Cleanup everithing. Note. you have to call it manually, the module does not use lua's GC. Do not call this untill you call destroy for each mqtt object. Create a new mosquitto client instance.

cony - Simple AMQP wrapper around github.com/streadway/amqp

  •    Go

High-level AMQP 0.9.1 client library. It's wrapper around low-level streadway/amqp library. The library uses atomic.Value, so Go 1.4+ is needed.

yellow-rabbitmq - публичное описание и примеры кода работы с RabbitMQ и 1С

  •    Python

публичное описание и примеры кода работы с RabbitMQ и 1С

errol - Orchestrate RabbitMQ consumers in an OTP manner 📬

  •    Elixir

An opinionated framework to run and orchestrate RabbitMQ consumers. Documentation can be found at https://hexdocs.pm/errol.

fs2-rabbit - RabbitMQ stream-based client built on top of Fs2

  •    Scala

Stream-based library for RabbitMQ built-in on top of Fs2 and the RabbitMq Java Client. Check the official guide for updated compiling examples.

yii2-rabbitmq - RabbitMQ Extension for Yii2

  •    PHP

Wrapper based on php-amqplib library to incorporate messaging in your Yii2 application via RabbitMQ. Inspired by RabbitMqBundle for Symfony framework. This documentation is relevant for the version 2.*, which require PHP version >=7.0. For legacy PHP applications >=5.4 please use previous version of this extension.

amiquip - Pure Rust RabbitMQ client

  •    Rust

amiquip is a RabbitMQ client written in pure Rust. For usage, see the documentation and examples.

wmqx - 基于 Rabbitmq 的 Http 消息推送服务

  •    Go

WMQX is a support http protocol MQ service based on RabbitMQ development, his predecessor was wmq, Because of the differences in code architecture and implementation, a new project is created called WMQX. I am here to thank his author and my friend snail007. Of course, you can also understand that WMQX is an enhanced version of wmq.

rmq - A wrapper with auto-reconnect for Go RabbitMQ client http://github.com/streadway/amqp

  •    Go

Now publish {"id": 1, "data": "hello"} to the "input_queue" and see what happens. Note if you need to send messages to non durable queues, please use rmq.SendAndForgetNonDurable. There is also SendAndForgetLazy available for lazy queues.

mbclient - Message Broker Client/Server

  •    TypeScript

The MB client creates an abstraction over the inter-service interaction on top of RabbitMQ. The library defines a common interface for messages and provides ways to send and subscribe to them. The client supports automatic re-connections to RabbitMQ and support for the Rabbit cluster. When a client created, a durable topic exchange ("dispatcher" by default) is automatically created, and a service queue (with the name that was passed as serviceName during initialization).

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