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SolidInvoice - Simple and elegant invoicing solution.

  •    PHP

SolidInvoice is an open-source application that allows you to manage clients and contacts and send invoices and quotes. SolidInvoice requires minimum PHP 7.1.0.

typogr.js - Typography utils for javascript

  •    Javascript

typogr.js provides a set of functions which automatically apply various transformations to plain text in order to yield typographically-improved HTML.typogr.js has no external dependencies and can be used both on the server and in the browser.

Ticker - Terminal stock ticker with live updates and position tracking

  •    Go

Ticker is a terminal stock watcher and stock position tracker. It helps to track value of your stock positions, Support for multiple cost basis lots, Live stock price quotes and lot more.

change-inside-surroundings.vim - vim plugin to change the contents of the innermost 'surrounding'

  •    VimL

change-inside-surroundings.vim provides a single command :ChangeInsideSurrounding (also accessible via <leader>ci) that will change the contents of the innermost 'surrounding'. Vim already provides fairly easy ways to change the 'surrounding' as long as you specify the opening 'surrounding' character. Vim also understands HTML and XML tags, so you can change inside those as well. I wanted a single command that would intelligently just do the right thing.

esformatter-quotes - esformatter plugin: enforces coding style that string literals are delimited with single or double quotes

  •    Javascript

esformatter plugin: enforces coding style that string literals are delimited with single or double quotes.

text-meme - Generate text meme

  •    Javascript

Don't forget to be awesome.Frame delay.

bookmarker - A personal project to help me retain information from books

  •    HTML

A personal project to help me retain information from the books I'm reading. Currently only supports a single user, but I plan to extend it to support multiple users eventually.

tinytypo - CSS base for web editorial content

  •    HTML

Tiny Typo is a CSS base for web editorial content, ready for use, for readable web pages, on all media. This microframework makes the typographic minimum necessary for the writing of web documents. Compliant with W3C standards, Tiny Typo is designed for all devices, naturally responsive, without forgetting print, multilingualism and accessibility.

smartquotes.js - Smart quotes are smart typography, and now it’s just a ’script away.

  •    Javascript

Smart quotes are smart typography, and now it’s just a ’script away. Visit the homepage at smartquotes.js.org. If you're planning on using this with node.js and express, try the express middleware express-smartquotes.

ron-swanson-quotes - Node.js server for retrieving Ron Swanson quotes

  •    Javascript

Because Ron Swanson is a hero. Just a ridiculously simple Node server. The Access-Control-Allow-Origin header is set to * so that you can make requests from any domain.

richtypo.js - HTML typography enhancer for Node

  •    Javascript

Richtypo adds non-breaking spaces in right places, <nobr> and <abbr> tags, CSS classes, ampersands and hanging punctuation for special styling. It expects that your texts already have the right quotes, em-dashes and other symbols (you can use Typography Keyboard Layout). Note: all methods render &nbsp; as an actual non-breaking space (\xA0).

DeveloperExcuses - A Mac OS X Screensaver which shows quotes from http://developerexcuses

  •    Swift

Dead simple Screensaver which periodically shows a quote from http://developerexcuses.com, that's it. DeveloperExcuses uses carthage to build the OnelinerKit dependency.

go-quote - Yahoo finance/Google finance/Coinbase/Bittrex/Binance/Tiingo historical quote downloader library and cli written in golang

  •    Go

Downloads daily historical price quotes from Yahoo and daily/intraday data from Google. Written in pure Go. No external dependencies. Now downloads crypto coin historical data from Coinbase GDAX exchange. Update: 10/21/2017 - Added Coinbase GDAX exchange support. Use -source=gdax All times are in UTC. Automatically rate limited.

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