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vue2-editor - A text editor using Vue.js and Quill

  •    Vue

If you choose to use the custom image handler, an event is emitted when a a photo is selected. You can see below that 3 parameters are passed. NOTE In addition to this example, I have created a example repo demonstrating this new feature with an actual server.

quill-image-resize-module - A module for Quill rich text editor to allow images to be resized.

  •    Javascript

A module for Quill rich text editor to allow images to be resized. Also see quill-image-drop-module, a module that enables copy-paste and drag/drop for Quill.

yii2-podium - Yii 2 forum module project

  •    PHP

This extension allows you to add forum to your app.Follow instructions at Podium wiki.

yii2-quill - Yii 2 implementation of Quill, modern WYSIWYG editor

  •    PHP

Yii 2 implementation of Quill, modern WYSIWYG editor.theme string default 'snow' 'snow' (Quill::THEME_SNOW) for Quill's snow theme, 'bubble' (Quill::THEME_BUBBLE) for Quill's bubble theme, false or null to remove theme. See Quill's documentation for themes.

ng-quill - AngularJS Component for Quill rich text editor

  •    Javascript

The new version is complete rewritten and is using QuillJS 1.x. For the latest old version (0.20.1) checkout the special branch for it. I am using GitFlow --> All Changes and Pull-Requests have to be on develop-branch! Changes directly in the master branch are not longer allowed and will be rejected.

notto - An online notepad based on Django and using QuillJS on the frontend.

  •    Python

Notto.io is a simple online text editor that enables anyone to save and edit notes using rich text. These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.

go-render-quill - Render Quill insert Delta operations to HTML

  •    Go

Package quill takes a Quill-based Delta (https://github.com/quilljs/delta) as a JSON array of insert operations and renders the defined HTML document. The simple Formatter interface is all you need to implement for most block and inline formats. Instead of Render use RenderExtended and provide a function that returns a Formatter for inserts that have the format you need.

quilljs-renderer - Renders an insert-only Quilljs delta into various format like HTML and Markdown

  •    Javascript

Should styles be rendered using style="" attributes or by using <b>, <i>, etc. One of 'css' or 'html'. Default value: 'html'.

quill-local-storage - a local storage module for restoring text to the quilljs editor

  •    Javascript

i.e., a means to keep your users' post or comment drafts from getting wiped on page reload. quill-local-storage works as a standard module for the quilljs editor.

quill-magic-url - Automatically convert URLs to links in Quill

  •    Javascript

Checks for URLs during typing and pasting and automatically converts them to links and normalizes the links URL. Thanks to @LFDM for the groundwork with quill-auto-links.