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quic-go - A QUIC implementation in pure go

quic-go is an implementation of the QUIC protocol in Go. quic-go is compatible with the current version(s) of Google Chrome and QUIC as deployed on Google's servers. We're actively tracking the development of the Chrome code to ensure compatibility as the protocol evolves. In that process, we're dropping support for old QUIC versions. As Google's QUIC versions are expected to converge towards the IETF QUIC draft, quic-go will eventually implement that draft.

this-is-quic - A document describing the QUIC protocol

Get the Web, PDF, or e-book versions on gitbook.com. The contents get updated automatically on every commit to this git repository.

quicrs - A QUIC library for Rust

A Rust library for using the QUIC protocol. This library tracks the IETF QUIC protocol and not the Google implementation.

quic-conn - a single-stream encrypted connection between two peers using QUIC

At the moment, this project is intended to figure out the right API exposed by the quic package in quic-go. When fully implemented, a QUIC connection can be used as a replacement for an encrypted TCP connection. It provides a single ordered byte-stream abstraction, with the main benefit of being able to perform connection migration.