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readline-sync - Synchronous Readline for interactively running to have a conversation with the user via a console(TTY)

  •    Javascript

Synchronous Readline for interactively running to have a conversation with the user via a console(TTY). readlineSync tries to let your script have a conversation with the user via a console, even when the input/output stream is redirected like your-script <foo.dat >bar.log.

listr-input - Input module for Listr

  •    Javascript

Returns an Observable which asks for user input.Question to ask.

gex - Glob Expressions for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

This module works on both Node.js and browsers. Match glob expressions using * and ? against any JavaScript data type. The character * means match anything of any length, the character ? means match exactly one of any character, and all other characters match themselves.

question-store - Ask questions, store the answers.

  •    Javascript

Ask questions, persist the answers. Basic support for i18n and storing answers based on current working directory. Inherits question-cache and persists answers to disk. Answers are stored based on current working directory.

confirm-click - Angular directive for simple href or ng-click confirmation before proceeding

  •    Javascript

Works with regular boolean- or promise-returning functions. Use ConfirmClickProvider function to set ask function. This function will be used for href and ng-href confirmation.

nodebb-plugin-question-and-answer - Question and Answer Plugin for NodeBB

  •    Javascript

A Q&A plugin for NodeBB Forums which allows users to post topics as questions and label it as solved. Tested on Vanilla, Lavender, and Persona on latest 0.7-dev.

qna - A simple library for interactive questions and answers.

  •    Javascript

This will initialize a qna instance on the documents nodeSelection and corresponding snippets with the given options. Type the snippets to the corresponding nodeSelection list defined at initialization with an optional callback that will be called after all the snippets have been typed to the screen.

nodebb-plugin-registration-question - Question and Answer plugin for the NodeBB registration form

  •    Javascript

A really simple plugin that adds a field to your registration page to help prevent spammers. Set your question and answer in the ACP.

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