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query-string - Parse and stringify URL query strings

  •    Javascript

🔥 Want to strengthen your core JavaScript skills and master ES6? I would personally recommend this awesome ES6 course by Wes Bos. You might also like his React course.Parse a query string into an object. Leading ? or # are ignored, so you can pass location.search or location.hash directly.

qs - A querystring parser with nesting support

  •    Javascript

A querystring parsing and stringifying library with some added security. The qs module was originally created and maintained by TJ Holowaychuk.

backbone-query-parameters - Backbone plugin which provides query parameter support

  •    Javascript

Copy backbone.queryparams.js to your environment and include after backbone.js. Any route except those ending with a wildcard will automatically accept additional content using the '?' separator. This content is a set of key value pairs using '&' as the pair separator and '=' as the key/value separator - just like the URL query string syntax.

domurl - Lightweight URL manipulation with JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Lightweight URL manipulation with JavaScript for both DOM and server JavaScript. To have a convenient way working with URLs in JavaScript. From time to time there are usual tasks when it is required to add or remove some parameters to some basic URL or change some other URL parts.

SharePoint Foundation QueryString Filter WebPart


SharePoint foundation web part to provide out of the box components the capability to filter information based on a url querystring parameter

Populate SharePoint Form Fields from QueryString via Javascript

  •    Javascript

This project makes it possible to pre-fill SharePoint Edit form fields using JavaScript and field values passed via querystring - without server-side deployment.


  •    ASPNET

Framework to make querystrings strongly typed and easy encryptable


  •    JQuery

Easily add additional query string parameters to HTML anchor elements.

SharePoint Form Field Assistant

  •    JQuery

A JavaScript module, using jQuery, for manipulating SharePoint form fields from the URL.

Silverlight™, YouTube™ API (ASP.NET, C#)

  •    ASPNET

Rich Interactive Applications (RIA) built on ASP.NET (2.0/3.5/4.0) platform, utilizing "best of both worlds": embedded YouTube™ and Silverlight™ Media Players. API, written in C# provides plenty of customization features.

url-parse - Small footprint URL parser that works seamlessly across Node

  •    Javascript

The url-parse method exposes two different API interfaces. The url interface that you know from Node.js and the new URL interface that is available in the latest browsers.In version 0.1 we moved from a DOM based parsing solution, using the <a> element, to a full Regular Expression solution. The main reason for this was to make the URL parser available in different JavaScript environments as you don't always have access to the DOM. An example of such environment is the Worker interface. The RegExp based solution didn't work well as it required a lot of lookups causing major problems in FireFox. In version 1.0.0 we ditched the RegExp based solution in favor of a pure string parsing solution which chops up the URL into smaller pieces. This module still has a really small footprint as it has been designed to be used on the client side.

django-qurl-templatetag - A Django template tag to modify url's query string.

  •    Python

A Django template tag to modify url's query string.The full documentation is at https://django-url-templatetag.readthedocs.org.

lucene - Node.js lib to transform lucene query => AST => lucene query

  •    Javascript

Parse, modify and stringify lucene queries. The parser is auto-generated from a PEG implementation in JavaScript called PEG.js.

querystring - Node's querystring module for all engines.

  •    Javascript

Node's querystring module for all engines. Refer to Node's documentation for querystring.

web-session-counter - Utility to count a user's web sessions based on the definition GA uses.

  •    Javascript

As an engineer you might not care, but this is the stuff that keeps your CEO and growth lead and head of product up at night. A business owner that can answer that 👆 question reliably is god amongst men. .update() is called automatically every time you import WebSessionCounter. I recommend calling .update(), if you have a single page app that doesn't perform a lot of refreshes. Calling .update frequently, ensures your code will correctly detect every 30 minute period of inactivity.

form2json - Alternative decoder for form-urlencoded data

  •    Javascript

Form2json is a decoder for x-www-form-urlencoded data that supports complex structures. It uses simple dot-notation for nested properties and square brackets to denote arrays. Here are some examples to illustrate the syntax.