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bodybuilder - An elasticsearch query body builder :muscle:

  •    Javascript

An elasticsearch query body builder. Easily build complex queries for elasticsearch with a simple, predictable api. Check out the API reference documentation.

elastic-builder - A Node.js implementation of the elasticsearch Query DSL :construction_worker:

  •    Javascript

A Node.js implementation of the Elasticsearch DSL for use with the official elasticsearch javascript client with builder syntax. Check out the API reference documentation.

esq - Simple query builder for elasticsearch

  •    Javascript

I wanted an easy way to build elasticsearch queries without having to writing lots and lots of code just for the structure of the query. For that reason I created ESQ, a very simple but powerful tool that will do all of the object creation for you. This will return the query at the current stage.

bullet-core - The core reusable library to build a query engine for streaming Big Data without needing to store it

  •    Java

This project contains the core of Bullet, a streaming query system that uses no persistence. See Bullet Storm, which uses this to implement Bullet on the stream processing framework Storm. This code initially lived inside the Bullet Storm code base up to version 0.4.3.

api-workshop - A workshop on API Development, API Security and API Testing

  •    Go

Go is very opinionated about this and linters and tools are looking for a specific path. Install Docker and Docker-compose.

vaultaire - Query DSL and data access utilities for Corda developers.

  •    Kotlin

Query DSL and data access utilities for Corda developers. Use DSL will make your queries much easier to read and maintain. Each query DSL is automatically (re)generated at build time using annotation processing.

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