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graphql-js - A reference implementation of GraphQL for JavaScript

The JavaScript reference implementation for GraphQL, a query language for APIs created by Facebook. It is a query language describing the capabilities and requirements of data models for client‐server applications. It is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.

co-rethinkdb - Generator/Promise based querying goodness for RethinkDB

RethinkDB querying language for co. This library provides a wrapper for RethinkDB's JavaScript driver. With RethinkDB 1.13 the official JavaScript driver supports Promises. Since co supports Promises directly, a wrapper is not required anymore. However, co-rethinkdb still supports some API goodness by not having to call .run() all the time.

jmespath.rs - Rust implementation of JMESPath, a query language for JSON

Rust implementation of JMESPath, a query language for JSON. This crate is on crates.io and can be used by adding jmespath to the dependencies in your project's Cargo.toml.

pgql-lang - PGQL is an SQL-like query language for the Property Graph data model

Code completion: given a (partial) query string and a cursor position, the parser can suggest a set of code completions, including built-in functions, labels and properties. These completions can be used in e.g. a web editor. By providing the parser with metadata about the graph (existing properties and labels), the completions will also include label and property suggestions. PGQL's parser can be built on Linux, Mac OS X and Window, and requires Java 1.8 or higher and Maven 3.3.9 or higher.