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neat - A lightweight and flexible Sass grid

  •    CSS

Neat is a fluid grid framework with the aim of being easy enough to use out of the box and flexible enough to customize down the road. Alternatively, you can install Neat with Bower.

sass-mq - A Sass mixin that helps you compose media queries in an elegant way.

  •    CSS

mq() is a Sass mixin that helps you compose media queries in an elegant way. Sass MQ was crafted in-house at the Guardian. Today, many more companies and developers are using it in their projects: see who uses Sass MQ.

jRespond - jRespond is a simple way to globally manage javascript on responsive websites.

  •    Javascript

####jRespond is a simple way to globally manage JavaScript on responsive websites. If your project only needs to support modern browsers I highly recommend checking out Rob Tarr's mediaCheck which uses the matchMedia method. But if you're using respond.js as a polyfill to ensure that your site responds on older browsers, jRespond is worth checking out.

bodybuilder - An elasticsearch query body builder :muscle:

  •    Javascript

An elasticsearch query body builder. Easily build complex queries for elasticsearch with a simple, predictable api. Check out the API reference documentation.

databound - Provides Javascript a simple API to the Ruby on Rails CRUD.

  •    CoffeeScript

Provides Javascript a simple CRUD API to the Ruby on Rails backend. Check out live examples on the Databound website databound.me.

breakpoint-slicer - A very quick and efficient syntax for Breakpoint

  •    CSS

Along with Respond To, Breakpoint Slicer is an alternative syntax for Breakpoint. It offers a powerful yet very simple way to slice your media queries. See those spans between breakpoints? Let's name them "slices".

element-queries-spec - A spec for a Container-Style Element Query Syntax

  •    HTML

This spec aims to define a syntax for scoped styles and element queries in a container query style, as well as the related selectors, functions, and units that make scoped styles and element queries versatile and powerful way to write layout-independent responsive conditions for elements in CSS. As a reference for the syntax described in the spec, I have included a JavaScript plugin that reads the proposed syntax and displays the desired behaviour of the proposed functionality.

Goohak - Automatically Launch Google Hacking Queries Against A Target Domain

  •    Shell

Automatically launch google hacking queries against a target domain to find vulnerabilities and enumerate a target. This software is free to distribute, modify and use with the condition that credit is provided to the creator (1N3@CrowdShield) and is not for commercial use.

elastic-builder - A Node.js implementation of the elasticsearch Query DSL :construction_worker:

  •    Javascript

A Node.js implementation of the Elasticsearch DSL for use with the official elasticsearch javascript client with builder syntax. Check out the API reference documentation.

react-resize-aware - ⇲👁 A simple React component which allows to listen the resize event of itself when it's resized

  •    Javascript

A simple React.js component you can use to make any piece of UI aware of its size.Each time the component' size changes, your component will be notified by one of the methods described below. The size change can be detected by a window resize, a CSS media query, a CSS pseudo selector, a JavaScript action or really, anything.

cheerio-advanced-selectors - Add advanced selector support to cheerio

  •    Javascript

This module is inspired by cheerio-eq with the added support for many different selectors.Gotcha: The result returned from .load() isn't a cheerio object but a custom function used to wrap the cheerio-advanced-selector logic (see issue 2).

esq - Simple query builder for elasticsearch

  •    Javascript

I wanted an easy way to build elasticsearch queries without having to writing lots and lots of code just for the structure of the query. For that reason I created ESQ, a very simple but powerful tool that will do all of the object creation for you. This will return the query at the current stage.

cordova-plugin-queries-schemes - Cordova / PhoneGap Plugin to bypass the iOS 9 App Queries Schemes (LSApplicationQueriesSchemes)


Cordova / PhoneGap Plugin to work arround Apple's iOS9 requirement that URL Schemes be declared and submitted to Apple (via Info.plist file). You can add any schemes necessary by just adding another entry in the list (in plugin.xml).

yii-db-profiler - Yii profiler adjusted to deal with MySQL performance optimizations

  •    PHP

Instead of regular CProfileLogRoute DB profiler displays database queries and query-related info only. Also it have an ability to highligt possibly slow queries and queries repeated many times.

break - Know when breakpoints are entered/exited in your JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Know when breakpoints are entered/exited due to a window resize. If you are not sane, grab the bundled standalone version at standalone/break.min.js. Including this on your page will assign window.createBreakpointManager.

js-breakpoints - Library that uses CSS media queries to trigger breakpoints in Javascript

  •    Javascript

Small library that syncs CSS media queries to breakpoint events in JavaScript. Helpful to change JavaScript logic for different screen sizes, resolutions or other media query features. The main benefit is that you only need to maintain your media queries in one place - in the CSS where they belong.

oldie - Compile CSS compatible with old Internet Explorer

  •    Javascript

Oldie tranforms CSS to be compatible with old Internet Explorer. If you’re like me, you stopped supporting IE8 years ago. Yet, here you are, satisfying another client that somehow managed to get this requirement past you.

postcss-neat - PostCSS plugin that provides a semantic and fluid grid framework.

  •    Javascript

PostCSS-Neat is a fluid grid framework built with the aim of being easy enough to use out of the box and flexible enough to customize down the road. See the demo page for a full list of features.

document-highlighter - Context-aware highlighting for search queries in HTML documents.

  •    Javascript

Add highlight to a raw / HTML document for the specified query. Handle unicode, stop-words and punctuation. Generate HTML-compliant highlights, even for complex markup. The index analysis module acts as a configurable registry of Analyzers that can be used in order to both break indexed (analyzed) fields when a document is indexed and process query strings. It maps to the Lucene Analyzer.

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