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insect - High precision scientific calculator with support for physical units

  •    PureScript

A high precision scientific calculator with full support for physical units. Operators: addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*, ·, ×), division (/, ÷, per), exponentiation (^, **). Full list: see Reference below.

UnitsNet - Makes life working with units of measurement just a little bit better.

  •    CSharp

Everyone have written their share of trivial conversions - or less obvious ones where you need to Google that magic constant. Stop littering your code with unnecessary calculations, Units.NET gives you all the common units of measurement and the conversions between them. It is lightweight and thoroughly tested.

js-quantities - JavaScript library for quantity calculation and unit conversion

  •    Javascript

JS-quantities is originally a JavaScript port of Kevin Olbrich's library Ruby Units (http://github.com/olbrich/ruby-units). The library aims to simplify the handling of units for scientific calculations involving quantities.

convert-units - An elegant way to convert quantities between different units.

  •    Javascript

A handy utility for converting between quantities in different units.convert-units has a simple chained API that is easy to read.


  •    TypeScript

Humanizer meets all your JavaScript needs for manipulating and displaying strings, dates, times, numbers and quantities. This is a port of the popular Humanizer library to JavaScript. For the most part you can just follow the documentation for Humanizer with little to no issue. See below for big differences. Name casing has been changed for JavaScript so all functions and properties start with lower case now, so instead of "Sentence casing".Transform(To.LowerCase) you use "Sentence casing".transform(Humanizer.To.LowerCase).

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