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three-bmfont-text - renders BMFont files in ThreeJS with word-wrapping

  •    Javascript

Bitmap font rendering for ThreeJS, batching glyphs into a single BufferGeometry. Supports word-wrapping, letter spacing, kerning, signed distance fields with standard derivatives, multi-channel signed distance fields, multi-texture fonts, and more. About 12kb after minification.Works on Three r69-73, r79, and possibly more.

QuitStore - Quads in Git - Distributed Version Control for RDF Knowledge Bases

  •    Javascript

This project runs a SPARQL endpoint for Update and Select Queries and enables versioning with Git for each Named Graph. Adjust the config.ttl. Make sure you put the correct path to your git repository ("../store") and the URI of your graph (<http://example.org/>) and name of the file holding this graph ("example.nq").

quadtree.cc - A C++ implementation of quadtree

  •    C++

A C++ implementation of n-dimensional quadtree

cubic2quad - Aproximates cubic bezier curves with quadratic ones.

  •    Javascript

Aproximates cubic Bezier curves with quadratic ones. This package was done to create TTF fonts (those support quadratic curves only). Generated curves have the same tangents angles at the ends. That's important to keep result visually smooth.