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slate - Pixel Art Editor

  •    C++

Slate was built for pixel art, and its goal is to simplify the creation of sprites and tilesets by offering a user-friendly, customisable interface. See the releases page for the available downloads.

lablqml - Interfacing Qt/QML with OCaml. Formely known as lablqt

  •    OCaml

In this repo you can find my work about integrating OCaml and Qt. Initially, I planned to generate binding code for OCaml and Qt Widgets and called this library lablqt. But I found it hard to implement mostly because Qt relies on inheritance very much (we can't add onClick handler for button without inheritance). Later I decided to generate binding code for OCaml and QtQuick. And I believe that QtQuick is the right way to create UI in Qt right now. From 14th of February 2017 it's renamed from lablqt to lablqml because it is actually about QtQuick and not QtWidgets or Qt itself. If you really need QtWidgets you can check out mrvn's work.

WellChat - WellChat is a Application that is a WeChat-like APP by qml

  •    QML

WellChat is a Application that is a WeChat-like APP by qml.

terminal - :rocket: Terminal

  •    C++

A Material Design terminal. Qbs is a new build system that is much easier to use compared to qmake or CMake.

QtQuickExample - 基于QtQuick的入门例子,方便大家入门学习

  •    C++


huestacean - Philips Hue control app for desktop with screen syncing. C++ with Qt Quick GUI.

  •    C++

Philips Hue screen syncing app for Desktop. Uses Philips' new Entertainment API to sync the user's screen with their lights with very low latency. Downloadable binaries for Windows and macOS are available on the Releases page; see Installing for more information. It ought to also be possible to build the source for Linux but this has not yet been tested, see Building below.

QtQuickVcp - A Virtual Control Panel for Machinekit written in Qt/C++/QML

  •    C++

A remote UI implementation for Machinekit written in Qt/C++/QML. More info... You can find rolling releases of the MachinekitClient and the QtQuickVcp library below. Stable releases have been dropped in favor of continuous deployment to decrease maintenance effort.

qml-oled-renderer - Renders QML applications to an SSD1309 OLED screen

  •    C

Renders a QML application to a SSD1306 OLED display. Tested on the CHIP single board computer conected to TWI2.

QuickStreams - An asynchronous programming library for the QML programming language (Proof of Concept)

  •    C++

A proof of concept implementation of an asynchronous programming library for the QML and C++ programming languages inspired by Reactive Extensions, implementing the asynchronous streams paradigm. IMPORTANT NOTE: QuickStreams is an asynchronous programming experiment. Work on this particular repository was suspended due to lack of feedback. It's not yet clear whether the concept of programming in streams is relevant.