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instascan - HTML5 QR code scanner using your webcam

Real-time webcam-driven HTML5 QR code scanner. Try the live demo. Note: Chrome requires HTTPS when using the WebRTC API. Any pages using this library should be served over HTTPS.

jsQR - A pure javascript QR code reading library

A pure javascript QR code reading library. This library takes in raw images and will locate, extract and parse any QR code found within. Available on npm. Can be used in a Node.js program or with a module bundler such as Webpack or Browserify.

QR-Code-generator - High-quality QR Code generator library in Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, C.

This project aims to be the best, clearest QR Code generator library in multiple languages. The primary goals are flexible options and absolute correctness. Secondary goals are compact implementation size and good documentation comments.

Esponce QR Code API

QR Code Generator from Esponce provides API for generating and reading QR Codes. API is written in C# and is based on REST web service. Users that are registered on the website have access to additional QR Code tracking features. Supported platforms: .NET 3.5, Silverlight, ...

kjua - Dynamically generated QR codes for modern browsers.

kjua enables you to dynamically add QR codes to your website. Choose between rendering the code as image or canvas. The generated QR code will be in the least possible version requiered to encode the content (least number of blocks). Takes care of device pixel ratio to render crisp codes on all devices. Works in all modern browsers.

Offline-qr-code - Offline QR Code Generator

This is a (Firefox) Web Extension, which makes it possible to generate a QR code from any website. In contrast to many other add-ons, which use Google Web APIs for that, this add-on works completely offline. This QR code generator puts your privacy first! Effectively, the add-on prevents any web connection for itself, so it does never contact the web. Thanks to the linked manifest.json you can also easily verify, that this claim is true. It works offline! Always.

qr-encode - JavaScript component to encode strings into QR codes.

JavaScript component to encode strings into QR codes. Works in both Node.js and the browser.

cordova-plugin-qrscanner - A fast, energy efficient, highly-configurable QR code scanner for Cordova apps and the browser

A fast, energy efficient, highly-configurable QR code scanner for Cordova apps – available for the iOS, Android, Windows, and browser platforms.QRScanner's native camera preview is rendered behind the Cordova app's webview, and QRScanner provides show and hide methods to toggle the transparency of the webview's background. This allows for a completely HTML/CSS/JS interface to be built inside the webview to control the scanner.


bitcoinaddress.js is a a JavaScript component library for making easy bitcoin payments, sending bitcoins and presenting bitcoin addresses on HTML pages.See the demo.

qr-code-scanner - This project "cleans" some global variables and hardcoded IDs from the previous projects, also fixing some legacy problems

This is a SIMPLE qr-code-scanner that will allow you to open the user's camera, scan it and match a pattern or read the string out of the QR Code. It is highly customizable for you to use it within your page's styles.

ember-qr-scanner - QR Code scanner component for Ember.js

QR Code scanner component for Ember.js. The qr-scanner component will create a <canvas> showing the current camera stream. Once the component is added to the template it will automatically request permission from the user to use the camera.

qrencode-go - QR encoder in Go

QR encoder in Go based on the ZXing encoder (http://code.google.com/p/zxing/). I was surprised that I couldn't find a QR encoder in Go, especially since the example at http://golang.org/doc/effective_go.html#web_server is a QR code generator, though the QR encoding is done by an external Google service in the example.

zxingjs2 - Yet another port to JavaScript of ZXing multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library

Yet another port to JavaScript of ZXing multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library. Many 1D and/or 2D code image processing libraries exist.

barcode - barcode generation for nodejs

Set it up and specify your type and options. The following 3 are the only required ones. Next choose from the three methods below how you want to output your barcode.