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instascan - HTML5 QR code scanner using your webcam

  •    Javascript

Real-time webcam-driven HTML5 QR code scanner. Try the live demo. Note: Chrome requires HTTPS when using the WebRTC API. Any pages using this library should be served over HTTPS.

react-native-camera - A Camera component for React Native. Also supports barcode scanning!

  •    Java

The comprehensive camera module for React Native. Inside your package.json, use this "react-native-camera": "git+https://git@github.com/react-native-community/react-native-camera" instead of "react-native-camera": "^1.0.0".

qart.js - Generate artistic QR code. 🎨

  •    Javascript

Merges Pictures and QR Codes for Artistic QR Codes. or clone this repository and copy qart.min.js to your project.

react-native-qrcode-scanner - A QR code scanner component for React Native.

  •    Javascript

Please note, this will also function as a generic barcode scanner by the virtue of the above module supporting barcode scanning, however, this module was initially built as a QR code scanner. This module was originally written because the author couldn't find a module that could be simply plugged into a project without requiring too much setup.

qrious - Pure JavaScript library for QR code generation using canvas

  •    Javascript

QRious is a pure JavaScript library for generating QR codes using HTML5 canvas. Check out node-qrious if you want to install it for use within Node.js.

jsQR - A pure javascript QR code reading library

  •    TypeScript

A pure javascript QR code reading library. This library takes in raw images and will locate, extract and parse any QR code found within. Available on npm. Can be used in a Node.js program or with a module bundler such as Webpack or Browserify.


  •    Dart

QR.Flutter is a Flutter library for simple and fast QR code rendering via a Widget or custom painter. Please do not submit an issue for a "How do i ..?" or "What is the deal with ..?" type question. They will pretty much be closed instantly. If you have questions, please ask them on the Discussions board or on Stack Overflow. They will get answered there.

qrcode.show - [WORKING PROTOTYPE] Generate QR code easily for free - QR Code Generation as a Service

  •    Rust

Only the direct dependencies for the main business logic are listed here. Please contact the project maintainer if you are missing from the list.

QR-Code-generator - High-quality QR Code generator library in Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, C.

  •    Java

This project aims to be the best, clearest QR Code generator library in multiple languages. The primary goals are flexible options and absolute correctness. Secondary goals are compact implementation size and good documentation comments.

qr-scanner - Lightweight Javascript QR Code Scanner

  •    Javascript

Javascript QR Code Scanner based on Cosmo Wolfe's javascript port of Google's ZXing library. According to our benchmarking this project's scanner engine's detection rate is about 2-3 times (and up to 8 times) as high as the one of the most popular javascript QR scanner library LazarSoft/jsqrcode. Also the other library oftentimes misreads the content of QR codes, while for this project no misreads occurred in the benchmarking.

qr-encode - JavaScript component to encode strings into QR codes.

  •    Javascript

JavaScript component to encode strings into QR codes. Works in both Node.js and the browser.

bc-qr-reader - Angular QR Reader Directive

  •    CoffeeScript

QR Code reader directive for AngularJS.It uses webcam-directive to access the camera and Lazarsoft QR reader to process the QR code.

cordova-plugin-qrscanner - A fast, energy efficient, highly-configurable QR code scanner for Cordova apps and the browser

  •    Javascript

A fast, energy efficient, highly-configurable QR code scanner for Cordova apps – available for the iOS, Android, Windows, and browser platforms.QRScanner's native camera preview is rendered behind the Cordova app's webview, and QRScanner provides show and hide methods to toggle the transparency of the webview's background. This allows for a completely HTML/CSS/JS interface to be built inside the webview to control the scanner.

ndarray-gram-schmidt-qr - Modified Gram-Schmidt Algorithm for QR Factorization of ndarrays

  •    Javascript

Only square matrices are currently tested. For complex numbers see ndarray-gram-schmidt-qr-complex.The algorithm currently only calculates the in-place QR decomposition and returns true on successful completion.

ndarray-householder-qr - Householder triangularization for QR Factorization of ndarrays

  •    Javascript

The specific implementation is based on the pseudocode from Walter Gander's Algorithms for the QR-Decomposition. This algorithm computes both R and the Householder reflectors in place, storing R in the upper-triangular portion of A, the diagonal of R in a separate vector and the Householder reflectors in the columns of A. To eliminate unnecessary operations, the Householder reflectors are normalized so that norm(v) = sqrt(2).Computes the in-place triangularization of A, returning the Householder reflectors in the lower-triangular portion of A (including the diagonal) and R in the upper-triangular portion of A (excluding diagonal) with the diagonal of R stored in d. d must be a one-dimensional vector with length at least n.

ember-qr-scanner - QR Code scanner component for Ember.js

  •    Javascript

QR Code scanner component for Ember.js. The qr-scanner component will create a <canvas> showing the current camera stream. Once the component is added to the template it will automatically request permission from the user to use the camera.

QCQREncoder - A Quartz Composer patch to generate QR codes

  •    Objective-C

A Quartz Composer patch that encodes QR codes using libqrencode. This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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