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panopticon - A libre cross-platform disassembler.

  •    Rust

If you simply want to use Panopticon follow the install instructions on the website.Panopticon builds with Rust stable. The only dependencies aside from a working Rust stable toolchain and Cargo you need is Qt 5.5 or higher.

Cura - 3D printer / slicing GUI built on top of the Uranium framework

  •    Python

This is the new, shiny frontend for Cura. Check daid/LegacyCura for the legacy Cura that everyone knows and loves/hates. We re-worked the whole GUI code at Ultimaker, because the old code started to become unmaintainable. For additional support, you could also ask in the #cura channel on FreeNode IRC. For help with development, there is also the #cura-dev channel.

qmlnet - Qml.Net - Qt/QML integration/support for .NET

  •    CSharp

Checkout the examples on how to do many things with Qml.Net. Register your new type with Qml.

Sql Query Modelling Language


This project library creates simple Sql queries.

fluid - :book: Library for QtQuick apps with Material Design

  •    QML

Fluid is a collection of cross-platform QtQuick components for building fluid and dynamic applications, using the Material Design guidelines. Online documentation is available at liri.io.

SciHubEVA - A Cross Platform Sci-Hub GUI Application

  •    Python

Sci-Hub EVA is a cross-platform Sci-Hub GUI application. Launch the app, click OPEN ... to choose where to save the download files. Fill the query and click RAMPAGE, then it will search and download.

yubikey-manager-qt - Cross-platform application for configuring any YubiKey over all USB transports.

  •    QML

Cross-platform application for configuring any YubiKey over all USB transports.This application provides an easy way to perform the most common configuration tasks on a YubiKey.

yubioath-desktop - Yubico Authenticator for Desktop (Windows, macOS and Linux)

  •    QML

Cross-platform application for generating Open Authentication (OATH) time-based TOTP and event-based HOTP one-time password codes, with the help of a YubiKey that protects the shared secrets.Keep your OATH secrets safe by storing them on a YubiKey and generate the codes with this application.

poor-maps - Maps and navigation for Sailfish OS

  •    QML

Poor Maps is an application for Sailfish OS to display tiled maps (e.g. OpenStreetMap), places and routes with a flexible selection of data and service providers.Poor Maps is free software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), see the file COPYING for details.

touchockey - QtQuick2 hockey game using mobile browsers as game controller

  •    C++

This is a shared screen multiplayer hockey game allowing you to play on local network with your friends using your mobile phone's browser as game controller. The goal of the game is to push the puck in the blue goal if you are red, or vice-versa. Points are shown but the game never ends.

doxyqml - Doxyqml turns .qml into pseudo-C++ which Doxygen can then use to generate documentation.

  •    Python

Doxyqml turns .qml into pseudo-C++ which Doxygen can then use to generate documentation. To tell Doxygen about Doxyqml you must make a few changes to your Doxygen file.

arcgis-runtime-samples-qt - ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt samples for Qt Creator.

  •    C++

ArcGIS Runtime SDK 100.2 for Qt sample applications. The repo contains Qt projects for each sample that can be run from within the Qt Creator IDE. If you haven't already, fork the repo.

arcgis-runtime-toolkit-qt - ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt Toolkit

  •    QML

This project contains QML source code for controls and utilities you can use with the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt. There are QML examples in this repo that demonstrate the use of these controls and how they can be used as resuable building blocks for your QML-based ArcGIS applications. Starting with Qt 5.9.0 on iOS, the Toolkit must be imported as a plugin.

AuGeo - AuGeo - Augmented Reality for ArcGIS


AuGeo, latin for augmented, is an Esri Labs initiative to explore the possibilities of using ArcGIS data in an augmented reality environment. As a Research Project from Esri Labs, our intent with Augeo is to make interesting technology available to you, so we can explore the possibilities together. To start with AuGeo, all you need is an ArcGIS Online subscription, some data and a mobile device. We would love to hear your feedback through our Github Repository and evolve what already looks like a gold (Au) mine of possibilities.

arcgis-appstudio-samples - Collection of samples available in AppStudio for ArcGIS desktop to learn and help build your next app

  •    QML

Collection of sample apps organized into its own folders to be used with AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop. Explore each folder to learn more about the sample app. All the samples provided in this repo is already available with the AppStudio v2.0 Desktop. Click on the "New App" -> "Samples" to see all the available samples to pick from.

testable - QT/QML Test Runner and Utilities

  •    C++

Testable is an utility library to enhance the function of the two testing frameworks offered by Qt: QTest for C++ and Qt Quick Test for QML. Exampls are available at examples folder.

asyncfuture - Use QFuture like a Promise object

  •    C++

QFuture is used together with QtConcurrent to represent the result of an asynchronous computation. It is a powerful component for multi-thread programming. But its usage is limited to the result of threads, it doesn't work with the asynchronous signal emitted by QObject. And it is a bit trouble to setup the listener function via QFutureWatcher. AsyncFuture is designed to enhance the function to offer a better way to use it for asynchronous programming. It provides a Promise object like interface. This project is inspired by AsynQt and RxCpp.

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