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TestLink - web based Test Management tool

  •    PHP

TestLink is a web based Test Management tool. The application provides Test specification, Test plans and execution, Reporting, Requirements specification and collaborate with well-known bug trackers.

PHP_CodeSniffer - PHP_CodeSniffer tokenizes PHP, JavaScript and CSS files and detects violations of a defined set of coding standards

  •    PHP

PHP_CodeSniffer is a set of two PHP scripts; the main phpcs script that tokenizes PHP, JavaScript and CSS files to detect violations of a defined coding standard, and a second phpcbf script to automatically correct coding standard violations. PHP_CodeSniffer is an essential development tool that ensures your code remains clean and consistent. PHP_CodeSniffer requires PHP version 5.4.0 or greater, although individual sniffs may have additional requirements such as external applications and scripts. See the Configuration Options manual page for a list of these requirements.

GoReplay - Captures and replay live HTTP traffic into a test environment in order to continuously test your system with real data

  •    Go

GoReplay is the simplest and safest way to test your app using real traffic before you put it into production.As your application grows, the effort required to test it also grows exponentially. GoReplay offers you the simple idea of reusing your existing traffic for testing, which makes it incredibly powerful. Our state of art technique allows to analyze and record your application traffic without affecting it. This eliminates the risks that come with putting a third party component in the critical path.

Talkyard - Forum software, brings together the best from StackOverflow, Discourse, Slack, Reddit, Disqus

  •    Scala

Talkyard is a Forum software, brings together the best from StackOverflow, Discourse, Slack etc. It helps people find help "instantly", in Question & Answers topics, Discuss, upvote and choose the right things to do. It also provides support to do team chat, Add embedded comments to the blog.

just-api - Easy and Flexible API Testing

  •    Javascript

Just-API is a declarative, specification based test framework for REST, GraphQL APIs. Users can test APIs without writing code, but they can also tap into code when they want to. It reads API test specification from YAML files and runs them in serial/parallel mode. Test reports can be generated in several formats including HTML and JSON. To run just-api, you will need Node.js v7.10.0 or newer.

Squash - Test Repository Management

  •    Java

Squash TM is an open source tool for test repositories management. Natively "multi" and "cross" projects, it can manage all testing stages, from requirements management to campaigns execution. Based on an ergonomic and intuitive interface, Squash is also "full web" making it an eazy tool to deploy.

Machine QA Manager


Machine QA Manager is intended to save and help trend results from radiation therapy equipment testing. The program will be made as generic as possible from a initial setup to enable it's use for other types of routine testing activities (for example factory equipment) but pre...

Test Case Generator

  •    CSharp

Generator for test cases based on euquivalence class analysis and combination of states. This tool is basically a wrapper for the PICT-Tool by Microsoft (a tool for Pairwise Independent Combinatorial Testing). So the tool itself is not included but can be downloaded from http:...

SPCAF Contrib - custom rules and metrics samples


SPCAF Contrib is a research project by spdevlab.com team and several SharePoint consultants aims to provide jump start for SPCAF custom rules and metrics.

FlaUI - UI automation library for .Net

  •    CSharp

FlaUI is a .NET library which helps with automated UI testing of Windows applications (Win32, WinForms, WPF, Store Apps, ...). It is based on native UI Automation libraries from Microsoft and therefore kind of a wrapper around them. FlaUI wraps almost everything from the UI Automation libraries but also provides the native objects in case someone has a special need which is not covered (yet) by FlaUI. Some ideas are copied from the UIAComWrapper project or TestStack.White but rewritten from scratch to have a clean codebase. So, the commercial solutions are mostly based on multiple of those and/or implement a lot of workaround code to fix those issues. TestStack.White has two versions, one for UIA2 and one for UIA3 but because of the old codebase, it's fairly hard to bring UIA3 to work. For this, it also uses an additional library, the UIAComWrapper which uses the same naming as the managed UIA2 and wraps the UIA3 com interop with them (one more source for errors). FlaUI now tries to provide an interface for UIA2 and UIA3 where the developer can choose, which version he wants to use. It should also provide a very clean and modern codebase so that collaboration and further development is as easy as possible.

grunt-photobox - Grunt plugin for creating screenshots of any site and compare them

  •    Smarty

Plugin to prevent your project of broken layout via screenshot photo sessions of your site. In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named photobox to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig().

qa-tools - A set of quality assurance tools that are easily configurable through an installer

  •    PHP

A set of quality assurance tools that are easily configurable through an installer. The QA Tools are meant to provide you with a decent base build setup, conforming to Ibuildings standards. They are not meant to provide a solution for every use case. If you want a more complex setup, you can use the resulting configurations as a base and configure it manually.

malaria-mapping - Visualize the mapping efforts of HOT and DigitalGlobe support of Malaria elimination

  •    Javascript

You can find the data processing scripts in scripts.You can find the data processing scripts in scripts.

screenshooter - :camera: A tool for generating BrowserStack screenshots from the command line.

  •    Ruby

A tool for generating BrowserStack screenshots from the command line. You will need to provide username and authentication token credentials to use the service. You can do so with environment variables or using a file.

QA-best-practices - This is a summary of QA practices Futurice uses and recommends to be used.


This is a summary of QA practices Futurice uses and recommends to be used. It is not supposed to be a detailed description and sometimes cannot fully be used of all tasks but as an overview of the most important QA processes and a list of good practices that should be used. For the purpose of the clarity this document does not describe an error or incident process (i.e. a new bug is found from production).

i18n-testing - International data for testing and QA


Real-word international and diverse name data for unit testing and QA. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

cordova-plugin-hipmob-android - Hipmob Phonegap Plugin for Android

  •    Java

The Hipmob Cordova plugin for Android provides Phonegap applications access to helpdesk, live chat and support CRM tools using the Hipmob platform. For more information visit https://www.hipmob.com. It is compatible with Android 2.1 and higher, and works on versions of Cordova greater than 2.9.0.